Family Photos & Promoting Missions

February 28, 2013

Our family had a good month. Being that my sister’s husband and their second-oldest daughter went to Africa on a mission trip (as their oldest daughter did 14 months earlier ), my sister and their other three kids came to visit us during that time. We had a lot of fun as can be seen from some photos below.

One day we all went to a new science museum and that Sunday we all went to my brother’s church to attend the International Day program, booths, and meal he’d organized to promote missions overseas.

Jillian was gone for a few of the days as she flew out to an elite university to be interviewed for the honors program (with a scholarship), and –of course!– she got it. We are so excited, and we know the Lord is going to do awesome things through her life, as she is not only very smart and sweet, but has a heart for the poor, hurting, and those who don’t yet know Jesus.

with love,

My sister, me, and my brother –loving to laugh!

Our parents & us.

My beautiful sister.

My handsome brother.

My handsome husband.

My sister’s youngest and me.

Me with the kids.

My sister with 3 of her kids after the International Meal.

My sister & her family.

My brother & his wife.

My brother’s oldest & youngest.

My mom & me.

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