Loving Idols, Not Jesus

February 14, 2013

Today, the day on which many people make professions of love to their sweethearts, should also be a reminder to evaluate our love for God. “Oh yes, I love God,” someone may quickly respond. Or, “Yes, I love Jesus very much!” We’ve heard it often, and yet we can see that their lives do not match their love-claim. Therefore they actually do not love Christ. (John 14:15)

If a woman writes a love-card to her sweetheart expressing appreciation for his devotion of love toward her and vowing hers in return, but then sends similar love-notes to several men, what would we think? We’d think the woman to be a nut, a slut, a deceiver, and a downright disgusting jerk.

But is such action any different than what most (supposed) “Jesus-lovers” do to the One they claim to be devoted to and separated unto? No, it’s no different. For most “Christians”, even while pretending to love and worship the Lord, have hearts that are far from being devoted to Him. Jesus is not their life. Jesus is not their One and Only. Jesus is not their Husband, their Boss, their Lord, their King, their Controller, their Commander, their God. Instead, He is their pet. An addition. A fraction of what consumes their time, energy, attention, devotion, and allegiance.

But… –their idols? Oh, their idols they love, attend to, pay homage to, submit to, and cuddle up to. Thus they let their idols control them, and be their masters. They want it this way, for they love themselves and want their number one idol –the idol of Self– appeased. In fact, Self starts going through withdrawals if its idols are withheld from it for even a day.

Sadly, most “Christians” are idolators. And they, like all idolators, are on that wide road (Matt. 7:13) –that one that goes straight to Hell. (Eph. 5:5,6)

Israeliteindeed has written another crucial message for us. It is about cutting down our beloved idols in our own back yard. I know the messages at that site are from the Spirit of the Lord, as the Spirit of the Lord in me has confirmed over and over for years, and 2/12/13’s post called “Pleading For Baal” is no different. Three weeks ago (as well as last July when I made a note of it in my Bible), the Lord spoke to me through that story of Gideon in Judges 6:25-27 of when he cut down the altar to Baal and the Asherah pole. The Lord told me that He wants idols cut down and crushed to powder, but that we, the saints, are to do it; and that we are to do it in the power of the name of the Lord. He told me that we who walk holy, we who walk in the Holy Spirit, we who obey God’s commands, have been given this privilege, and we are to use it by opening our mouths with the Sword of the Lord in it. And that this, (if we retain a pure life so as to be worthy to use that Sword), is how we demolish strongholds and idols. (See Isa. 59:21 and Matt. 10:19,20 and 2 Cor. 10:3-6 and Eph. 6:17 and 1 Peter 4:11)

Someone may wonder why I so often exhort people to read at Israeliteindeed’s site. I do so because that writer is filled with the Spirit of the Lord and is being given messages from the Lord and His Word to us. 1 Cor. 14:29-33 instructs us that if a revelation comes to a prophet (those who speak God’s Word by His Spirit), the first speaker should stop so that the second speaker (or writer) can give the new message from the Lord. Oh, that there were more writers and preachers who were so filled with the Spirit of the Lord! Oh, that more writers and preachers would so boldly, carefully, and skillfully preach God’s Truth!

Please read “Pleading For Baal”. Here is the link: http://israeliteindeed.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/pleading-for-baal/

Because those who croon over Jesus, but who are really idolators, need to make the choice: Keep loving their idols, or… tear them down and grind them into the dust.

with love,

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