Arrogant, False, Wicked Christians

February 13, 2013

Who is humble these days? Who is contrite and repentant concerning their sins? Who trembles at God’s Word? Who? For certainly even most “Christians”, those who claim they’ve turned from all wickedness, have not proved that they have these attitudes. Not only this, they have not turned from all wickedness, for besides the fact that their lives reveal they have not, their own words unashamedly admit they’ve not.

Recently I heard a man (one who believes he’s a Christian) say this: “Yea, I know I’m arrogant and rebellious, as well as neglectful toward my wife, but I’m human, right?” He said this in front of a group of people, including his wife; but being he went on talking –giving his speech– no one said a word. But all the while I could only think about how his monologue sounded just like that of a fool, undoubtably to everyone, though he himself apparently thought it was wonderful. I truly considered giving him a strong rebuke from the Word of God right there in front of everyone. But, being it would’ve seemed inappropriate, at least in the group’s eyes, though probably not in God’s, I instead determined to be praying that God will be showing the guy his disease of pride, before God –He who opposes, even eventually attacks, all who are proud– comes against him in heavy judgement.

But alas, we have many “Christians” who, though they hate its existence in those they dislike, believe that they themselves –being the exemplary models of humanity they supposedly are– are entitled to behaving arrogantly and wickedly whenever they feel they must. Evidently, it’s no matter that they are crushing their spouses and families and co-workers and friends, as well as society, as they do so. They are going to boast of what they are, have, and do regardless, and if they do refrain from such boasting, their self-centered behavior has already displayed the arrogance that grows like a cancer within their delusional hearts.

The LORD says in Isa. 66:2, “This is the one I esteem: he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at My word.” But, the LORD goes on to declare that those who have chosen their own ways and delighted in their abominations (v. 3) will reap harsh treatment from Him. (v. 4) He promises that He “will bring upon them what they dread.” (same verse) For when He warned them, they did not listen, but instead continued to do evil before His eyes. (same verse) Truly, the LORD commands peace for those who tremble at His Word (v. 5-14), but to His foes, “He will bring down His anger with fury.” (v. 15) For, those foes who, in their arrogant insolence, refused to abide by His laws, have brought themselves under a curse. (Ps. 119:21 // Prov. 16:18)

Christians are to be firm in what they believe –if it is the Truth. But there is a difference between being confident, bold, and unashamed of the Gospel, and in having the superior and obnoxious attitude that righteous conduct and gracious (wise, careful, and truthful) words should be required of everyone else but oneself.

with love,

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