To You, Continuous, Deliberate Sinner

February 3, 2013

C. D. S.,
Please don’t bother going to church again for the umpteenth time. Please don’t bother praising the Lord and speaking about Jesus, His redeeming blood, the New Covenant, or the Kingdom of God. Your hypocrisy is a stench. Especially to God. (Isa. 65:5 // Amos 5:21 // Rev. 3:15,16) Your presence is defiling to the Body of Christ.

Do you really think God feels warm fuzzies toward you as you croon out those love choruses to Him? Do you truly believe the God-who-sees-all appreciates that work you do –that you’ve attached His name to? Does He really have plans to favor you because you bring that tithe (every so often) while insisting that He’s obligated Himself to return a hundred-fold to you if you do? And about that building fund you and your yes-men have started? –Whose pocketbook, whose reputation, whose benefit, whose glory are you actually trying to increase?

Prov. 21:27 says, “The sacrifice of the wicked is detestable –how much more so when brought with evil intent!” You’re not wicked? Really? Even though you spend week after week secretly indulging yourself in perversion on the internet, even though you continue to slander others whenever jealousy or anger or hostility arises within you, even though you harbor thoughts of lust and greed and often act them out saying, “God understands that I’m only human”, and even though you refuse to renounce your sins when that’s what repentance means?

You –what? –consider yourself righteous? Oh yea, you claim Christ’s imputed righteousness –that God sees only Christ in you. –That He doesn’t see your continuous, deliberate sinfulness. Well, your arrogance and folly mislead you and keep you from studying God’s Word with a contrite and humble attitude by which you can see the Truth. You might want to check out Ps. 50:16-21 (and Dt. 29:12-21 and Jer. 3:8 & 7:1-15 and Heb. 10:26-31 and 1 John 3:4-10), because God has a warning for all who think they can hide safely in His covenant while refusing to be set free from sin.

You are relying on a false refuge, a lie. (Isa. 28:15) Therefore you will be “cut to pieces and assigned a place with the hypocrites where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (See Jesus’ words in Matt. 24:51) Because God hates sin. And you’ve refused to be cleansed of it. He has provided for everyone, including you, a cleansing and a deliverance, but you, you’ve chosen to remain in your filth and bondage. Thus you are storing up God’s wrath against you (Rom. 2:5), for not only have you “scorned His kindness, tolerance, and patience” (see v. 4), but you have insisted on being king –by trying to rule your own life– and have shown the Most High King Of All Creation your contempt of Him by ignoring, even disdaining, His just and holy laws.

You think no one can enter your refuge (Jer. 21:13), but the Lord Himself declares, “My wrath will break out and burn like fire because of the evil you have done… I will punish you as your deeds deserve.” (v. 12,14)

Have some wisdom and take warning. Cry out to God and ask Him to wash away your sins. If you refuse, then please, just stop giving God your work and prayers and praise –your time at the soup kitchens, nursing homes, mission trips, camp counseling, worship team, choir, etc., because God doesn’t take bribes. If you can’t give the All-powerful Creator the reverence that is due Him by giving Him your consistent and whole-hearted obedience, then all your other religious and charitable efforts are useless. (Ps. 66:18 // Mark 7:6,7) And moreover, your influence is contaminating to the whole batch of dough. (1 Cor. 5:6-13) Get out –until you choose to get right.

Yes, I am saddened to give you such a harsh rebuke. But whoever tolerates you the way you are is doing you no favors at all. In fact, by being the selfish cowards they are (as they worry only about being liked), they are actually showing you hatred. Because they obviously don’t care about the fate of your eternal soul.

with love,

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