Be Mature, Have Patience

January 30, 2013

The Lord wants to teach us wonderful lessons we can learn from so that we can turn from merely enduring life to instead rejoicing through life and being victorious over sin and evil. He gives us His Word and Spirit, and if we meditate and listen, we will grow mature in the knowledge of the Truth by which we become competent in using our spiritual weapons. (2 Cor. 10:3-5) What blessings we have been given that we may demolish that which sets itself up against the Truth! What blessings to have the privilege to praise God, to petition Him, and to walk obediently in His will, knowing then that He is surrounding us, that He is listening to us, that He is pleased with us, that He is leading us, that He is using us to accomplish His will in the earth, and that He is bringing us forth as gold.

But what important, though often neglected, spiritual weapon is absolutely necessary if we are to live consistently mature? It’s patience. This fruit of the Spirit is also a weapon we use by which to live wise and holy in power and love and self-discipline. (1 Cor. 4:20 // Gal. 5:22-24 // Eph. 5:9 // 2 Tim. 1:7 // James 1:4 & 5:7-11) We must acquire a spirit of patience in order to walk strong and triumphant. Our heart must learn to be at rest no matter what –even if we might also be experiencing grief or pain or uncertainty. We must at all times keep a calm, quiet, confident, trusting heart, even when God doesn’t do things our way or even when He seems to be doing nothing at all. We must learn to wait on Him, and then wait some more. How very often God’s Word tells us to wait, though usually we have no idea why the Lord is taking longer than we’d wish. But the trusting heart does not fret or worry, for it remains steadfast and secure. This the mature heart does –even when we do not understand why He isn’t answering or bringing us that job or spouse or home or ministry or deliverance or healing we’ve been praying for.

But, if we wait, what do we find ourselves doing later, maybe much later? We find ourselves smiling, rejoicing, and falling on our faces in gratefulness before His throne because of the good thing He brought us, or because of the evil thing He kept us from. And we realize that we have, in the course of that long wait, advanced a level or two up the ladder of maturity so that, hopefully, we will meet the next crisis –and the next– with the firm knowledge that God, who is total Love, always knows best.

with love,

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