He Created Us That He Might Also Enjoy Us Forever

January 28, 2013

Calvinists have certain things they say often and one of them goes something like this: “The purpose for which God created us is that we might glorify Him and enjoy Him forever.” We heard this yesterday at a church we visited, so when we saw the pastor in the lobby afterwards, and being that he (rightly) preached on how God wants relationship with us and that we should thus spend time with Him, I told him that I had an addition to that often-quoted saying. I said that not only did God create us that we might forever glorify Him and enjoy Him, but that He created us so that He might forever enjoy us. The pastor agreed.

I’ve often wondered, though, why Calvinists, those who are so intent on teaching that everything God created (including Hell) is for HIS glory and pleasure (pleasure meaning “delight”), would so heavily focus on our purpose for existing being that we might get enjoyment from worshipping God. So did God create us that we could be given delight (in enjoying God) for all eternity (as we glorify Him forever), or did He create us for His own joy –and if it is both, why not teach that?

Calvinists will say that God created us for His own pleasure (delight / joy), but then they repeatedly quote that motto in which they say that God created us that we might be the ones to receive enjoyment. Doesn’t it seem that while speaking so much about God’s sovereignty (His will / His choice) to do whatever He wants with whomever He wants (including the creating of multitudes just for the sole purpose of receiving glory and pleasure by damning them), that it would then be strange to preach the motto that God’s purpose in creating us (“us” meaning “the elect”, being that the non-elect certainly won’t be enjoying Him forever) is that we might receive delight forever by our worship of God? Isn’t this focus too self-centered?

It’s already a given that Calvinism breeds arrogance, and while most adherents claim humility, sadly, they are far from it. They exude a false humility that is very apparent as they claim their elite status of being “one of the chosen” –this classification having been preordained no matter how they continue to act or how much they sin. But isn’t Calvinism also teaching a self-centered view (though they claim the opposite)? For though they talk so much about God’s majesty and glory and sovereign will, while at the same time emphasizing men’s depravity and zero worthiness for anything good, they then turn around and say that God has created the elect so that they might have the benefit of forever finding enjoyment in Him.

Calvinists are highly confused people. They teach one thing and then in the same breath, teach something contradictory. Those who listen to them and follow them are in danger of becoming confused, prideful, and self-centered as well.

We cannot teach one truth from God’s Word to the exclusion of another truth. We must teach the whole Truth. To repeatedly quote a particular motto that skews the whole Truth is what gets people veering off into false beliefs by which they then create cults.

God created mankind because He wanted relationship, and this because He wanted to share His joy (Matt. 25:21), and this because He who is Love wanted objects to lavish His love upon while being loved in return. In other words, God wanted creatures that could experience delight (joy / enjoyment) in being loved by Him and who would reciprocate the love, AND He wanted to have us bring Him delight (joy / enjoyment) by accepting His love and loving Him back.

It’s not difficult to understand. A pure, sacred, beautiful marriage is a shadow, a copy, a symbol, of what God desired (purposed) in creating humans. It was not only that we might glorify and enjoy Him forever, but that He might honor and enjoy us forever. (Ps. ch. 149 // Ze. 3:17 // Matt. 25:21 // John 12:26 // 2 Tim. 2:12 // Rev. 3:21 & 21:2,3) The whole Truth needs to be taught. And when it is, it will bring both us and God a never-ending flood of delight. Into eternity.

with love,

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