God Calls, “Where Are You?”

January 23, 2013

“But the LORD God called to the man, ‘Where are you?'” (Gen. 3:9) It was the first recorded question God ever asked of man. Yet sadly, He asked it because the man and his wife were hiding from Him. They were hiding because they had chosen to disobey God’s one simple rule, the one simple test which would determine what was in their heart –trust in God’s goodness, or, rebellion. But in treating God’s word to them (His command and warning) as a light matter, they easily fell prey to the enticement to choose their own way, to make their own choices, to take their future into their own hands. And how many people since have insisted upon doing the exact same thing? To their own peril? To their own destruction? Even eternal?

Let us all listen. Let us hear God’s call to each one of us: “_____, where are you?” Yes, where are we? Right now. Are we engaged in some sin –right now? Someone may deny so, but what does God see there inside their heart? Is the heart harboring deceit? How about lust? How about anger or vengeance? How about self-righteousness or pride?

God knows where each person is. He sees everything going on. Nothing is hidden from His eyes (Heb. 4:13) and He sees it all clearly –every perverse act, every cruel word and deed, every detestable thought. But though God offers a pardon along with a washing away of the impurities, most people do not want to take the offer. Oh, the pardon they’d like, but not if it comes with a washing, and especially not if they are expected to keep being purified so that they will remain cleansed and clean at all times. Oh, no. They love their sin too much to be cleansed of it. And so they hide from God. (Or so they think.)

Are church-goers, Christian-claimers, preachers, evangelists, and other ministry-workers, hiding from God too? Many are. For “they flatter God with their mouths, they lie to Him with their tongues; but their hearts are not loyal to Him, they are not faithful to His covenant.” (See Ps. 78:36,37) God’s covenant with them involves purity. But this is precisely what they don’t want, and so they hide from God by being busy, busy, busy. They avoid spending that intimate time with God, that time when a man is to come to the Lord in humility, ask to have his feet washed again (John 13:8-10), and listen to what new insight or rebuke is due. People don’t want this because it means straining in closer to perfection, eliminating all defilements that may have found their way into the heart, and undergoing pain in the process of self-denial. Who wants that? Most don’t.

And so most people, including those who claim to be serving Christ and His Kingdom, are simply hiding from God.

God does for a time still call them, “Son, where are you?” But if the man continues to hide, to block his ears from hearing warnings, corrections, and Truth, that man will find himself, one horrible day, banished from God’s presence. And banished forever, with no chance left to step out into the open where he could have been forgiven, cleansed, and set free –free from the filth and free to walk in holiness and intimate fellowship with the God of all glory and joy.

So again, God calls, “_____ [put in your name], where are you?”

with love,

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