Christ-followers R 2 Take Up Guns?

January 17, 2013

Please go to Israeliteindeed’s site again and read the article posted there yesterday. It is one of the most Spirit-filled posts I’ve ever read. Below is part of it and here is the link:

with love,

Proudly Armed Christians or Humble, Cross-Carrying Disciples

by israeliteindeed

***The following is a note I published on Facebook, after being grieved by the warmongering, gun-praising, civil-war promoting, and president & party-bashing that is happening among professing Christians.***

I recognize that guns are not responsible for the murders we are seeing, and confiscation of guns cannot prevent them.

I recognize that our constitution has made provision for self-defense and the rights of human beings (except unborn children, of course, who continue to die while we post on Facebook and YouTube about our rights.)

However, I also believe that guns will not be responsible for saving us all from the brokenness in our government and nation. Whether the current surge of murders is caused by lone lunatics strung out on psychotropic drugs, or the government itself sacrificing people to disarm us (as some say), I do not know for sure. The brokenness is pervasive. The whole head is sick and the whole heart faint, from the leadership to the unknowns in the streets.

What I do know is that I am a follower of Christ–not a tea-partier, gun advocate, or Republican (or Democrat). I do not follow Alex Jones; I follow Jesus Christ. God has not given me the spirit of fear that Alex Jones exudes, but love, power and a sound mind. The “revelations” of Alex Jones may very well be true to some extent, but the revelations of Jesus Christ are TRUER.

Not a hair of my head will perish even if I perish. I am not to fear those who can kill the body. I am to give my witness boldly and with confidence, and if I die doing so, my life will be bettered by far.

I do not want the raging attitude of Alex Jones; I want the attitude of Jesus, who “made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and…humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.” (Phil. 2:7-8)

I am armed with only one cure for my God-hating nation–the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And my duty is to take up my cross, deny myself–and my rights–and follow Jesus. My duty is to take this message into all the world, beginning with those close to me, and teach others to obey Jesus. I know this–those who do obey the gospel will not become mass-murderers or plot to take away the rights of others.

If this stance makes me “weak” in the eyes of some, then I will glory in my weakness, choosing it rather than to appear strong in their eyes.

Jesus is not telling me to buy more guns, post pictures of our president with horns on his head, or encourage my children to kill those people who infringe on their rights. I cannot do what He is not telling me to do, nor can I approve of those things.

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