Many Act Like Ants

January 12, 2013

The little ant scurries along his path, headed for a destination that has somehow been made very important to him. But, as critical as his world of business seems to him, he is clueless about almost all else going on in creation. To him, nothing else is really going on. To him, it’s inconsequential that there are human beings existing on the same planet as him, and that they are building aircraft, sending emails, rocketing out into space, having heated debates, communing with God and each other, studying history and science and math and cooking and medicine, saving lives (and destroying lives), thinking up inventions, and doing a thousand other things incomprehensible to him.

But, just because the ant is focused on his own interests, his own aspirations, his own agenda, his own existence, does his ignorance negate the existence of all else? Of course not.

It seems that some people are like the ant. They are very intense about what matters in their “world”, and they bustle about as if the existence of most others, including God and Truth, are either incidental to them, or just plain non-existent. They rush to and fro, working hard, striving to know all the latest, struggling to be the best, trying to accomplish this or that before the week is up, and racing with death to store up as much money as possible.

But why? Surely, different than the ant, these people understand the concept of life and death and the Creator of all things. And that since they do, they should have the desire to stop and think about what they may have to face once their earthly life is over and they are standing before the Judge of All.

Sadly though, many people are just very much like the ant. Highly industrious when it comes to earthly pursuits, but, completely indifferent when it comes to gaining knowledge of what else exists, particularly that part which they can’t see or comprehend from their worldly viewpoint. Does God really exist? Do angels and demons really exist? Does Heaven? Does Hell? And what is the Truth? It seems that most people answer with a shrug. –A shrug that says clearly, “I really don’t care to know.” And why don’t they care to know, to find out what is, what is true, what actually exists and how it may, now or later, pertain to them? Because they’re just too busy. They’re working too hard pursuing whatever it is they’ve made their goal. That earthly, temporary, insignificant-100-years-from-now, goal. For unless it is a goal God commanded of them, their efforts are “a chasing after the wind.” (Ec. 2:11)

Yea, many people seem like ants. Very busy, but quite uninformed about that which they’ve not concerned themselves with, namely God, spiritual things, and the Truth.

with love,

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