God’s Care This Year

January 3, 2013

Sometimes when we look down the corridor of time, like a whole new year’s corridor, we can feel overwhelmed. For we know that within, there are projects, jobs, ministries, assignments, and trials we’ll have to face, do, and walk through. Besides this, the light doesn’t shine too far in. It’s dark, and we can’t see the details. What really is going to happen is hidden from our eyes.

But, whose eyes see everything, everything that we will be encountering? Whose mind knows all and fully understands every intricate detail? Our God. Our Shepherd. Our Leader, Sustainer, Counselor, and Comforter. This God is ours. Our King, Father, and Friend.

With such a God, should we fear? Should we feel apprehensive? Should we hesitate, cower, feel nervous or alone? Certainly not. For we are surrounded as in a cloak, we are saturated with God’s own divine power and nature! Oh, what a privilege, what a blessing, what a cause to go forward in strength!

We should not concern our minds with trying to wonder about a whole year, for the Lord tells us to not even worry about tomorrow. (Matt. 6:34) And what reason does He give us to not worry about it? He tells us it is because the Father knows about all we need (v. 32) and is completely able and ready to supply it for those who trust Him and seek His righteousness and Kingdom. (v. 25-33) Do we believe this? Then let’s prove it by our actions, and by how we think and speak, and by our praise to the Lord. Let’s prove it by concerning ourselves with sitting at His feet –the most important occupation we can do (Luke 10:39,42)– so that we can also continually go out serving Him and others in His name, power, wisdom, and joy, thus accomplishing exactly what is in line with His will.

James 4:1-3 reveals that many people do not have, because they do not ask God, or that if they do, they ask with wrong motives. However, for the person who walks in the Spirit and is controlled by Him, we are told to enter God’s presence with confidence (Eph. 3:12), ask (with praises) what we will, and believe that if it’s in line with God’s will, we will definitely receive it. (Mark 11:24 // 1 John 5:14,15) Because God promises to answer those who “gladly do what is right” (Isa. 64:5a), if we wait on His perfect timing, (Ps. 27:14) we will receive (66:16-20), and in an immeasurably better way than we could have imagined! (Isa. 64:4 // Eph. 3:20)

So, let’s use God’s Word to ask requests of Him, assuredly expect Him to answer, and live joyful and spiritually vibrant lives this year. For as 2 Chron. 19:11 encourages us, “Be strong and act! And may the Lord be with those who do well.” –Those who do well in acting with justice and in the fear of the Lord. (See v. 6-11) And let’s ask for Asher’s blessing –that our strength will equal our days (Dt. 33:25)– so that we can competently fulfill all that God requires of us in this new year.

with love,

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