Top Beneficial Resolution

January 1, 2013

Well, the new year is here. And what do we plan to make of it? What will we find ourselves pursuing during each one of the next 365 days? Money? Why? So one can spend it on one’s lusts? Or will we pursue pleasure? Or tonics of different sorts to curb emotional distress? Might some people choose to pursue a job promotion? Or maybe a particular image? What about an affair? What about a scheme? What about revenge? Yes, sadly, some people will make sin be some of their goals.

But, for the Christ-follower, what resolutions and goals should we make for ourselves? Any at all? And will we hold to the decisions? Will we ask the Holy Spirit to guide our minds and compel our hearts to what God Himself wants us to accomplish this year, and, are we willing to walk in the steps necessary?

There are many great resolutions we could make, ones regarding evangelism, helping the poor, befriending neighbors, thinking before we speak, quitting the intake of junk (into both the mind and body), taking on more household chores so as to lighten the load of a spouse, doubling one’s “quality-time” with each family member, and doubling time spent alone with the Lord. But, if we were to choose one main resolution for 2013, one that would be our top priority, what would it be?

Let me suggest that it be to know God’s Word much, much better. And that we write down how we plan to achieve this. That we formulate ways we will do this, and write down plans for time-management. That we then lay our pledge out before God and ask Him to help us do what we’re promising.

One of the most important things we can ever do in knowing God’s Word (which is able to bring us salvation –James 1:21 // 1 Peter 1:23) is to memorize it. This helps immensely in blocking fears, useless distractions, or falsehoods, whether they’re initiated from another person, from the evil one’s arrows shot at our minds, or from our own imaginations. For if we have the Word memorized, we can pull out this Sword (Eph. 6:17) at a moment’s notice. We can do it when we’re driving, while in bed in the dark, while cleaning house, when listening to or encouraging or exhorting someone, or while walking the halls at work or the aisles of a grocery store. This immediate access is extremely beneficial, for we don’t always have our Bible with us or the time to pull it out, nor would we necessarily find the right verse to meet the need even if we did. But, when God’s Word dwells in us richly (Col. 3:16), we can use it for every single thing we encounter in a given day. And knowing it verbatim is to meet the occasion with the authority and power of the LORD Almighty’s own words. This is high privilege! And it is for everyone who puts their faith in the Word of God.

God’s Word is living. (Heb. 4:12 // 1 Peter 1:23) It’s active and alive. Along with His Name, the Lord has exalted His Word above all things. (Ps. 138:2) He used His Word to create the universe (Gen. 1 // Ps. 33:6,9) and still uses His Word to command things to come to pass. (Ps. 147:15,18) For those who walk in His Spirit and divine will, God uses His Word in their mouths as His message. (Isa. 51:16 & 59:21 // Jer. 1:9,17 // Matt. 10:19,20 // Acts 4:31) The message, the Word, can be used to benefit both ourselves and others, and whenever needed. Human words, positive ones, may help a little, but they are nothing compared to the exceedingly great power of the Word of God coming from the mouth of a Christ-follower who is using it under the control of the Spirit. But how can we maximize this privilege if we haven’t done what was needed, if we haven’t trained ourselves, if we haven’t memorized Scripture?

There are 52 weeks in a year. By January 1 of 2014 could we have learned 52 Bible verses? That’s only one verse a week, and that’s not a difficult goal. The reward of having accomplished it will likely extend far beyond our comprehension. For only God knows how much spiritual growth we could add to, not only our own life, but, potentially, the lives of everyone we come in contact with, and potentially, all who are influenced by them as well.

Knowing God’s Word is power. Power over the evil realm, and power to live victorious in the Truth. Let’s resolute to know it well, and to know much of it verbatim so that in the fearful hour, the lonely hour, the confusing hour… and in every dark hour, we will have trained ourselves to immediately turn our thoughts toward the Word of God, know exactly what it says, be able to speak its Truth aloud, and then watch the darkness flee so that we can continue walking strong in the Light.

What New Year’s Resolution –and adherence to it– could be more beneficial than this?

with love,

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