The Gift Of The Living Water

December 30, 2012

Jesus coming to earth as the God-man to pay our debt of sin was God’s great Gift to mankind, for through His blood He purchased us back from the evil kingdom. All who put their trust in this Gospel cross over from that darkness to the Kingdom of Light. But God gave yet another Gift as well, One which we could not faithfully walk the road of Eternal Life without. This Gift is the indwelling Holy Spirit. And when bestowed with this Gift, we are actually baptized with Him and fire so that a spring of living water opens up within us. This is great news! A fantastic blessing!

What is the “fire”? Undoubtably, it is the power of God to walk holy and strong in the will of the Lord and through the cleansing, testing, refining, and assignments He brings us. For when Jesus told His disciples to wait in Jerusalem until they would receive the Gift the Father had promised (Acts 1:4), He told them that this meant they would be baptized with the Holy Spirit through whom they would receive power to be witnesses everywhere. (v. 5,8) And when John the Baptist preached about the Messiah who was coming, and that He would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire (Luke 3:16), he was also preaching about Christ’s power and His authority to purge, separate, and judge. (v. 16,17)

Whatever the “fire” means, we do know that when we are baptized with the Holy Spirit, we are given all the power we need for living spiritually victorious. This means that we have boldness to proclaim the Gospel, to speak God’s Word, and to rebuke and encourage as He directs. It means that we walk in love, joy, peace, and complete righteousness. It means that we have self-control. It means that we remain calm and patient at all times, even amid uncertainty or raging chaos. It means that we walk in wisdom and are seeking Truth. It means that we sit adoringly at Christ’s feet, eager to learn, and obedient to the instructions He gives. And, it means that we have a never-ending flow of living water welling up from within us that streams out across the earth. (John 4:14 & 7:38) This spring is the Spirit (7:39), “the Gift of God” (4:10), the living water which Jesus gives (same verse) when a person comes to Him to drink. (7:37) For when Jesus gives this water, it becomes within that person “a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (4:14)

Without the living water, without the stream, without the flow, there can be no cleansing. But, if we walk in the Kingdom of Light, the blood of Jesus, the spring of water, the Spirit, the Son, keeps us purified of all sin. (1 John 1:7) This is the testimony God has given us concerning His Son (5:6-10), and so by having Him, we have eternal life. (v. 11,12)

with love,

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