Stop The Death Toll God’s Way

December 17, 2012

My mom and I were at the downtown train and bus stops today having a wonderful time reminding people about God’s Great Message of Freedom. Almost everyone was so open to hearing us and receiving the reminders we were handing out. My mom had 244 Christmas treat bags she’d worked hard on, as she does every holiday, and I was giving out a short message I’d written, along with small calendars for 2013 that have verses on the back.

We always walk around separately while down there, but both of us had very good conversations with many people. We found that people seemed extra agreeable concerning the world’s need to repent and get into fellowships with the Lord, and we decided the agreeableness may be because of the “close-to-home” violence everyone is seeing on the news regarding the shooting of the Connecticut school children.

One guy I spoke with is a church youth leader, and he seemed to really love God’s Word and ways. He had some good insights and brought up the recent shootings, but was wondering why most people don’t act upset about the atrocities going on daily –all those that do not get in the news. I told him that I’ve been wondering the same thing. What about weeping for all the souls who are dying daily and stepping into eternity without having known the Truth? Do people really care about others, even children, if they are not going out to the highways and byways where Jesus commanded us to go and compelling them to repent, believe the Good News, turn their backs on sin, self, and the world, and follow Christ with a whole and committed heart? It seems that if people truly and selflessly cared about kids, they would, wherever and whenever they got the chance, tell parents to get right with God. Because if people genuinely and deeply cared about the suffering or fate of children, then they would actually put action to their words by being kind and caring and self-sacrificing, the world would thus become a better place, and we wouldn’t be raising so many maniacs.

There are multitudes of people on the streets in a bustling city. So, anyone who says they care should stand downtown in their city and take a good look around. There are often thousands of young parents down there –riding the bus to and from work, doing some kind of business (either legitimate or illegal), going shopping or to lunch, site-seeing, or whatever. If we really have love in our hearts for others, then we’re going to be out, somewhere in society, helping, helping, helping, being part of the solution, not being part of the problem. It does get wearisome having to listen to people opine about society’s problems and immorality and violence, and the various or probable reasons for it all, while they refuse to talk about the huge elephant in the room –that being, that S-I-N is the cause! And that submission to God is the answer! Therefore, because they can’t even discuss the obvious, all they’re really doing is chattering. Why listen to it?

Why don’t all these people who watch the news nightly, take that hour (or two or more), and read God’s Word, get on their knees and fervently intercede, fast some meals or other blessings and pleasures, and ask God what, specifically, He would have them to do? We may not be called to the streets, but we are ALL called to do something in extending the Gospel of Freedom and Hope to a frightened world –frightened because they’ve been listening to the world, rather than God’s powerful Word!

Well, today it was nice to see people being a little more sensitive concerning their need for God, but how long will the sensitivity last? Likely not long at all, as history has proven.

Let’s not allow ourselves to focus only on the tragedies the media is showing. Instead, let’s get involved with ways to teach and model God’s Love, Truth, Wisdom, Comfort, Righteousness, and Power, and every single day live our lives with intentional awareness that multitudes are going through tragedies, sorrows, pain. And let’s remember that we do have ways we can help if we’d just think less self-centeredly, and ask –and act upon– the question, “What would I want someone to do for me, if I were that person?”

Because, just as horrible as the shootings were, is the long and slow death, the painful and agonizing death, that many, many others, including children, are enduring even as they go about their daily routines. The death to hope, the death of feeling wanted or loved, the death, not of body, but of soul and spirit. Those are the deaths that are eternal. Unless… unless… someone comes and proclaims to them freedom, and by the Holy Spirit within, helps them to genuinely believe.

But, who will step out? Because, who really cares?

with love,

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