Understanding All God Is Doing, And Why, Is Not Our Job

December 1, 2012

It was a warm and beautiful day today, so at one point I sat out under the sky and rehearsed my Scripture verses. One of these verses was Ec. 11:5 which says, “As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.”

Early this morning, my parents’ neighbor went into labor with her seventh child. My mom called me to have me pray because the neighbor had to be taken from the birthing center to the hospital because there were alarming complications. So, as I prayed, and as I said my verses, and as I worshipped the Lord, and as I watched leaves whisked here and there in the gusting wind, I thought of how pertinent this particular verse was. Oh, the meteorologists and scientists and doctors may understand some things about the wind and the way a baby grows in the womb, but everything about such things cannot be fully grasped. Can they really understand how DNA is formed? Or how a soul is inserted into a human at conception? Or what makes the wind calm down and then gust up again, swirling from different directions within one minute’s time? Certainly creation’s every detail is remarkable and incomprehensible.

Well, the mother and baby turned out to be fine –thank the Lord!– so that was a relief. But before I knew that, and as I continued to meditate on this verse, I thought again of how many works of God we don’t understand –not only physical ones, but spiritual. And about how many times we’ve looked back over a month or year or years and thanked the Lord that He didn’t let things go the way we had wanted. For how much better are His works than anything we could imagine or muster up!

God does what He knows is best. For everyone. For everyone in the big picture. Sometimes it seems harsh right then and people will cry, “Not fair, God!”, but if we shut our mouths, keep our gaze on Him, and trust His complete goodness, timing, and wisdom, then we don’t need to try to understand all His methods and reasons as He trains us and others in becoming Christ-like. We can just get quiet, rest, pray for the Lord’s perfect will to be done, wait for Him to do the work, and go forward in only that which He commands of us and guides us in.

No human could ever trace the paths that the wind took over and around our area today. Who would concern themselves with all of them anyway? Neither should we concern ourselves about trying to figure God out in everything He’s doing. All we need to know is that which He has revealed to us through His Word. And that is plenty –and adequate. –Definitely adequate for walking His path and living the life of calm and patient faith He expects of us.

with love,

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