The Powerful Take From The Poor / APECO Grabbing The Agta’s Land

November 30, 2012

“I am rich and powerful, so if I want something of yours, I will take it from you, and then to feign political-correctness, I will claim that I’m taking from you for your own good, as well as the good of all.” Such a mentality in action is none other than a violation of human rights. But, those with power, and those skilled in skewing the truth, are ever-ready to sacrifice the well-being and rights of others to further their own agenda, benefit, money, and power.

The Casiguran Agta, the indigenous people group I grew up with, are still under duress by APECO, a group headed by one particular powerful family, who think they should be allowed to grab the Agta’s land, as well as the land of farmers in the area, because they so choose.

On November 24, 120 individuals representing those against APECO, began marching from Casiguran to Manila. They hope to arrive there by December 10, Human Rights Day, and to receive a hearing on the 13th with the Philippine president. Here are two articles describing their current effort:

Here is another article that very well describes what is going on in the big picture:

The land being taken does not belong to APECO, nor do they have any right to it. For all who care about justice, please send these articles, or this one of mine, on to as many people as you know so as to alert the world to this gross violation of human rights.

Thank you, in advance, for everyone’s effort and concern.

with love,

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