At The Train Station Again

November 29, 2012

It was really great to be able to go to the streets again today after not being down there for several months. Last time I went my arm was still so painful that I couldn’t hold out my (one paragraph) messages very well. My arm is much better, but in extending it out for four hours at a time (like I did today), I realize it still has a ways to go to heal.

But, thank the Lord I got down there today and it was so very wonderful! I saw many friends and they’d missed me, as I too had missed them. Several told me they are growing stronger spiritually, and it was a sweet blessing to hear it and hear them even quote verses to me as they talked about what the Lord is doing in their lives! How fantastic!

One friend was there with her two kids who I’ve seen grow up from toddler age (now 2nd and 4th grade) and we all gave each other big, excited hugs. Later, as they were hanging out, chattering with other friends, the little boy, the second-grader, asked if he could wear one of my signs. I told him he had to ask his mom, but she said he could, so I put my front sign over his little neck and told him how to hold it –because of the gusting wind. A few minutes later he asked if he could please hand out tracts too, so I gave him some and he was handing them out like a pro. It was so cute.

Several people thanked me (I often get thanked for my concern and boldness) and many said that they’ve kept all the tracts they’ve ever received from me over the years. One friend, who had really seemed to have grown spiritually, tried to give me a ten-dollar bill. I thanked him profusely, but said I don’t take money. He seemed disappointed, but I said that I want the cops (which there are always many down there) to know I’m not receiving money so that they won’t have any excuse to insist I need a permit or something. But my main reason is that I don’t want people to think I’m proclaiming God’s Word for any other motive than that I want them to understand the Great News, to know Christ, and to be set free of the evil realm.

One guy I’d never met before said he is an atheist, but I kind of scoffed (with a loving tone) mentioning DNA. Then I pointed to a tall building and said, “Come on. If we know someone had to build that, we know there’s a God who made us.”

He agreed and said that he actually did believe in God. See? Atheists believe in God and usually even admit it.

Anyway, he and I talked for about 20 minutes, and though he had some very weird and even blasphemous beliefs about God, it was a start. Later, when I was talking to others at another corner, he came back within earshot and listened quietly. I greeted him again; then he soon wandered off. May the Lord bring him to Himself.

I could go on writing about all the wonderful encounters, but suffice it to say, I’m so thankful to the Lord that I got down there today. May He work in each and every life so that all may come to the Truth!

Oh, one more nice thing: My mom always helps me by praying when I’m out witnessing, and she usually calls others to pray with her. Today she called the 700 Club and got a Filipina on the line who was totally excited about the request my mom was giving her –because she herself does street evangelism with signs in another state! So, not only was this an encouragement to them both, but so was the fact that we’d all three lived in the Philippines. What an extra blessing! And so much like God to pour them out upon us!

with love,

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