One, Then A Crowd, Then Millions!

November 27, 2012

If the Lord tells us to ask Him our heart’s desire… that is, if one day, while communing with Him, He impresses upon us strongly, “Ask and it will be given to you” (Luke 11:9)… even His words to Solomon, “Ask for whatever you want Me to give you” (1 Kings 3:5), then what would we answer Him? Very likely we’d have some honorable requests, for it’d be hardly probable that God would say this to anyone He couldn’t trust to answer in line with His will.

The Lord has said these words to me a few times over the years, and did again yesterday in a precious time of fellowship we had. What an unspeakably beautiful kindness and gift the Lord extends when He says such things. And He’s eager, I’m sure, to say it to anyone whom He considers His friend –which can be anyone who truly believes and obeys God’s Word and Spirit. (John 15:14 // James 2:23) (–What good news and privilege!)

So, I will share what I wrote down yesterday in the journal I use during my times with Him. I wrote, “Lord, I hear You saying to ‘Ask for whatever…’ so I ask that You, through me, will influence millions to follow You whole-heartedly. And that You’ll always counsel me, and care for me (provide and protect), and do this for my loved ones too, and that You’ll save the souls of all who I keep praying for. These are my top requests today, Lord. Thank You so much.”

I’ve hesitated in writing this post, but still feel the Lord wants me to share it, though it is quite personal. Furthermore, I realize that it may sound arrogant. For, –me? –the Lord bring millions to Him through me? But I know that back in 1994, when I lay on the carpet of my bedroom, overwhelmed with the impression of Hell, and compelled to rush to the streets to share the Gospel of salvation, I cried to the Lord that He would (eventually) bring a million people to Him through my efforts. What? I thought. A million? There’s no way possible. But I had faith even back then. And as I realized that I was crying out by the Spirit of the Lord in me, I added another million. (Why not? –Smile.) See, from my own mind, I’d never have thought that even a fraction of that would be possible. In fact, such a thing seemed so impossible that I wouldn’t have dared to pray such a thing. (Remember, global internet access was just beginning in homes, and I sure did not use it until several years later.) Besides, I never put any importance on numbers. But, now, lately, I keep feeling that the Lord is reminding me of that prayer and to start praying it again regularly, in faith.

So, in faith, and because He’s impressing me to take a stand on that faith, I am posting it. So… twenty years from now, we’ll see…

It is, actually, easier to glimpse the potential now than it was back in 1994. Because when I think about those who have been encouraged to evangelize because they’ve seen me do so, and then others see them… and then others are influenced by those… and so someone becomes a missionary, another becomes a pastor, another a preacher, another a model dad, another a youth leader, and still others become ministers to the homeless, the abused, the poor, the aged, the divorced, the rich, the businesspeople, the preachers themselves… I realize that it really can happen. Was I not influenced by others myself? Of course I was. –By many, especially my missionary parents, but also particularly and because of what God’s call on me was, by a family of three who street-preached.

So, what am I getting at? I’m trying to help ignite a fire in the hearts of those who want to change the world, but think they can’t. –Those who desire people to live righteously, in love, to walk in the Truth, and to spread the Truth so that souls will be rescued from eternal damnation. Can one person do it? Yes! One person! One, one, one. Because that one, by walking in the will of the Lord and in the power of His Spirit, cannot help but become two, and then three, and then more… and then those, doing the same, cannot help but multiply as well. Soon then, there will be a group, then a crowd, then a throng, then a multitude, and then…… –millions!!! See?

Very exciting, I’d say. Wouldn’t you all say? Then let’s pray, commune with God, repent and be holy, petition Him to work in and through us, ask requests by the Spirit’s prompting, and step out in the power of God’s Spirit and will.

Oh, but it starts with getting to know God’s voice, instructions, character, and ways –which are all found in His Word. So be sure you start there.

with love,

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