Special & Beautiful Day Yesterday

November 23, 2012

Feeding the poor yesterday at the church my friend and I met at was great. Neither of us had been there before, but we were impressed with all the charities they have available within their church. They not only feed the poor every Thanksgiving Day, but they serve a meal five days out of every week! They also have a clothing room (free clothing to the poor) and several Bible study groups.

I did a little serving, but since there were plenty of helpers, I mostly went from table to table talking with people before the meal. It was a blessing. After the meal the pastor gave a short, but powerful Gospel message.

While talking with some of the staff later, including the pastor’s wife’s brother, we found out that his grandma was the granny I used to visit weekly (at her home) the two years before she died! That granny was a wonderful Christian and it was so special to meet two of her grandkids who were so intensely serving the Lord. They were excited to meet me too. So, that prayer I prayed yesterday morning about meeting some special people at the outreach church was definitely answered. I know it was no coincidence, for their church is 45 minutes from their granny’s house. And yea, such a meet-up could happen by chance, but I know it was the Lord encouraging me, reminding me, about all those wonderful prayers and conversations I used to have with Granny N.

Two of the friends I wrote about yesterday wrote me later about their Thanksgiving Day and I want to share part of each email. (I’ve used fake initials for names.)


“Well I hope that your time was good today! We’ve had a wonderful day.

We met a large group of people at park cities church in Dallas and filled bags of food. From there we drove to a place off 45 and divided into two groups.

I thought we’d all be going to the bridge, but we ended up in a group that was going to South Oak Cliff apts. I have to admit I was a little bummed at first because they said we’d be going door to door asking people if they needed food and prayers. I don’t know-not my cup of tea, so I was nervous. But the pastor said,”These people are in need. All we do is get there and God will show up.” With a stubborn mind, I put myself to the side.

So we got there and prayed again over the food and over the people ministering as well as the families we were going to. I have to tell you it was an experience H and I both would like to be a part of every year. The most memorable moment for me was at one point after we’d delivered food to all 3 apt complexes, we gathered in a circle in the court yard of the last apts, a lot of residents too, and we just sang “thank you lord” over and over “because you are so good to me” as this gentleman played guitar. I just closed my eyes and bowed my head praying and listening to the hearts around me as the sun hit the back of my neck. It was just a beautiful, beautiful moment. All around you is poverty, people with nothing, some with addictions, depression…,but gathered around for a moment giving thanks to God with such a sweet sound. Two people came down to get prayed for. It was great.”


“As we were getting ready for the day, we were out in the front yard…I was asking who wanted to say what part of our Thanksgiving Psalm… Z picked the middle 2 verses, Y picked the first 2 and so that left me with the last verse. As we were reading them under the beautiful gold and crimson trees, a few leaves were falling and I noticed this one in particular in the distance that just was dancing in the air and kept going up again and not falling down to the ground… eventually it blew away to wherever…the leaves were so pretty, especially today, as they were both equally covering trees and ground and in between. Z read his portion while sitting in the tree. After we finished our little Psalm 100, I said a prayer and then went in to cook. Y and Z rigged up a makeshift basketball goal and played for awhile… It was and is like the perfect Thanksgiving Day. Y and I drove separately because I had to finish the pie..l will send you a pic of it… then I came home early…because I wanted to rest before the next gathering… which is in an hour…and on the way home as I was driving east in downtown C, and there was a beautiful piece of rainbow ahead. God made this an extra beautiful day for me too.”


I thought both those emails well described blessings from the Lord.

Speaking of beautiful trees and moments, below are seven photos of God’s handiwork of color –in leaves this time. The first two I took last Saturday and the rest I took yesterday.

with love,

By NCF church

Also by NCF church

Gorgeous flaming tree in small town I drove through

Our front gate

Our front field

By our front pond

Our front field also

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