Teachers Judged More Strictly

November 18, 2012

James 3:1 tells us that because teachers will be judged more strictly than others, not many people should take on the job. In other words, to teach, especially to teach God’s Word, is a sober and critical responsibility. For people’s lives and eternities, including the teacher’s, hang upon the truth of the doctrine being taught. (1 Tim. 4:16)

James 3:2 goes on to inform us that though we all stumble in many ways, if anyone is able to not stumble with his words, he is a perfect person; for because of his self-control over his tongue, he remains self-controlled in every way.

So words count. They count immensely. And because they do, those who teach God’s Word must be very careful to be teaching the Truth. Moreover, the teacher needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit as he teaches, so that the Truth can be given in God’s timing, and with His tone, expressions, and correct dosage.

It seems that many of our Bible teachers are not considering these things, and thus do not take their job as seriously as they should. Some who preach, speak, evangelize, or write seem to think that teaching is a career or past-time that is a means by which they can acquire admiration, money, power, or fame, or just a way to have a jolly time in the limelight.

But Scripture tells us all to take care concerning our words (Matt. 12:33-37 // James 3:1-12) even to the point of speaking only by the Holy Spirit whenever we open our mouths. (Mark 13:11 // 1 Peter 4:11) For as Jesus informs us, our every word will be on trial on the day of judgement, and by them we will be acquitted or condemned. (Matt. 12:36,37)

All of us should tremble at such sobering information. And teachers, which includes anyone who speaks as an authority on the Word of God to anyone, should be daily falling on their faces before the Lord, crying out that He help them with the assignment He’s given them of teaching His Word. –Crying out that He put His words in our mouths, as His Word promises for those who obey Him. (Isa. 50:4 & 51:16 & 59:21 // Jer. 1:9,17 & 15:19 // Matt. 10:20 // Luke 21:15)

Only by doing this will teachers escape the condemnation a strict judgement could otherwise bring them.

with love,

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