Spiritual Adultery, Even Treason

November 17, 2012

James 4:4 informs us that if we have a friendship with the world we have communicated to God that we hate Him, for we’ve made ourselves not only adulterers against Him, but His enemy. This should be sobering, even alarming, information, and we should examine ourselves against its Truth, immediately renouncing anything that is, in fact, holding us in such a wicked and dangerous position.

If someone has not pledged himself to God by submitting to Him as the Savior and rightful Ruler, King, Captain, Controller, Leader, Shepherd, and General over all, that is bad enough. But, if someone has actually done this and then later reneges on his pledge, or treats the vow (the pledge) with disdain by not holding to it, then this, in God’s view, is spiritual adultery. And if it is not repented of, God will divorce and disown the unfaithful servant. (Isa. 50:1 // Jer. 3:8 // Matt. 24:44-51 & 25:24-30)

But, unlike God, what does the church do when they see supposed Christians toying with thoughts and actions of spiritual adultery and even discussing it out loud as if it’s nothing to be ashamed of? The church coddles such people, and insisting it’s normal for all Christ-followers, they create programs at which these people are given platforms to describe the sin going on in their hearts and lives. However, being soft on those who commit that which God hates (sin) is nothing but creating a friendship with the world. It is nothing but putting oneself at enmity with God. (Luke 11:23 // Rom. 8:7 // James 4:4)

There is certainly a time to gently instruct spiritual infants or those who, having sinned, are struggling to repent while truly desiring to be reconciled to God and their fellowman. (Gal. 6:1) But that is different than when people show unrepentant attitudes by their repeated “falls” or “slips” into spiritual adultery. If we as spouses or employers would not put up with disloyalty, why would we think that God should? No, people like this are to be expelled from our fellowship. (Rom. 16:17,18 // 1 Cor. 5:5,12,13) Otherwise they will pollute the whole dough (1 Cor. 5:6 & 15:33 // Gal. 5:9) –which is exactly what’s happening.

Besides all the obvious sins being excused within the church, here are three sins of disloyalty also often being excused:

1. Mockery of God

2. Idolatry against God

3. Rebellion against God

Now if we were all on one Olympic team, we’d have a Head Coach. If we were all surgeons in a certain hospital, we’d have a creed as well as someone in charge of making sure we performed up to that creed. If we were all seamen on a particular ship, we would have a Captain. If we were all soldiers, we’d have a General. As all these would obey their Leaders, so everyone in God’s Kingdom is expected to be obeying all of Christ’s commands.

So what should be our reaction if a fellow athlete mutters something that mocks our Coach? What if, by his actions, attitude, or words, he sneers at Him or ridicules His orders? Should we stand quietly by and not confront the contempt?

What if we notice that a fellow seaman is communicating with seamen on enemy ships? What if we confront him and he says they’re just talking about benign things? But what if, on his bunk, we see pictures and models of enemy ships? Is he not setting his heart on a different kingdom, thus a different master?

What if a fellow soldier mentions to us that at times he thinks of refusing to obey the General’s commands? Does this not reveal a rebel heart?

If any such thing is noted, whether from a navy seaman, an employee, an Olympic athlete, a surgeon, or a soldier, it would be reported. For such things could influence others against the Leader, or even cause them to revolt or abandon ship.

The same loyalty to our Captain should exist within the Body of Christ. Yes, we are to gently come alongside those who are wounded or weary or discouraged, or who express these feelings. But we are not to be tender toward those who exhibit or express blatant sin, including attitudes or thoughts or actions of mockery toward God, idolatry, or rebellion. These are intolerable for God’s holy servants, and such people are to be viewed as committing spiritual adultery, even treason.

with love,

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