Wait, God’s Plan Is Ripening

November 16, 2012

One of the signs of having matured in our Christian walk is that we exhibit patience. Patience is so important! Patience can create a good and stable life. It can save someone’s soul –another’s and our own. Patience proves we trust God. It proves we acknowledge His sovereignty over our concerns and are waiting His timing because we understand that He knows all things and knows when is best.

If we make haste with something, we can ruin it. If we try to get God to hurry things up, we will definitely displease Him (Isa. 5:18,19 & 45:9,11), and the blessing He has in store for us will be wrecked. God works within time, and if we complain to Him that He’s taking too long, or if we try to run ahead and do it ourselves, then we’ve shown ourselves to be demanding, ungrateful, untrusting, and just downright immature. And these are certainly not character traits any Christ-follower is to have.

When we walk in self-control by commanding ourselves to be patient, then we walk in wisdom. Wisdom instructs the Christ-follower to continually seek God’s counsel and wait for Him to reply by whatever method He chooses. Most of the time He answers us through His Word, but other times, He answers through circumstances, other people’s words or actions, or by His voice within us, maybe even while we’re doing the most routine thing. But the point is, we must wait for His counsel, His instruction, and His Spirit’s leading.

What happened to the Israelites when they did not wait for God’s counsel but demanded that their wishes be met immediately? (Ps. 106:13,14) We know they got into mess after mess, never seeming able to learn the lesson of patience. God usually gave them what they asked for, but along with the wish granted, they were also “sent a wasting disease” (v. 15) and destruction after destruction (v. 17,18), as they incurred upon themselves plagues, more sinful filth, demonism, bloodshed, and captivity. (See rest of the chapter)

Let us be wise and mature by being patient. In all things. This includes in wanting to know anything about our future. God does sometimes, using His Word, tell us something ahead of time, but commonly, He expects us to trust “in the dark.” (Isa. 50:10) For it is complete trust in Him which God is trying to teach us, and trying to get Him to tell us more than He wants to reveal, communicates to Him that we lack faith and trust in His compassion, wisdom, and ability to care for us.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask God to enlighten us about what our next step should be, for we should be asking Him this. But, if He does not tell us immediately, we are to wait. And if He does not tell us anything besides that next step, then we are to take the step and wait some more. Yes, it’s often slow going. But there are valuable lessons He is teaching us as we wait, lessons we could never learn if we would try to rush His instructions, His plan, His will.

Remember when the people asked Jeremiah to enquire of the Lord for them? Jer. 42:7 says, “Ten days later the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah.” Ten days! We often want an answer that hour, or at least that day. Why did God not answer for ten days? He had His reasons. So whether He answers us ten hours later, ten days later, ten months later, or ten years later, we are commanded to do our part: Pray, praise, trust, and wait.

Yes, it’s very hard to do these when we see our efforts and dreams being bulldozed over, or our expectations dashed, or when incessant disappointment seems to be our lot in life. But even so, let us look up. Let us look up to God who knows all things, who has us in the palm of His hand, who holds us close to His heart, who is working wonders for us even if it appears that He’s bringing us ruin.

Because, if we hold tightly to His hand with a trusting and patience heart, we will definitely see that our Lord brings about for us a much more wonderful inheritance than we could ever have imagined had we demanded to pick it while it was still green.

with love,

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