Pursuing God –Our Reasons (Part Two)

November 13, 2012

Today’s message is a continuation from last Saturday.

There are popular teachings within Christianity that have taken Truth, twisted it, and thereby over-emphasized one core Truth to the near exclusion of other core Truths. One of these is in the area of doctrine concerning what God’s purpose is for His people.

Some camps insist that God saves us so that we might glorify Him now and forever. Others teach that He saves us so that we might have a close relationship with Him, while others say it is so that He may use us to further His Kingdom on earth. Still others say that God saves us because His love, mercy, and compassion compelled Him to provide a way of deliverance for a world who, by choosing sin, got itself condemned along with the kingdom of Satan, and that our purpose, therefore, is to gratefully bask in His grace. Which is correct? The answer is, they are all correct, and one teaching cannot be emphasized over and above the others, or to the exclusion of any of the others. Otherwise, without the whole Truth, a doctrine of falsehood develops.

Unfortunately though, this is what is being done. False doctrines that look similar to the Truth are being believed and followed. And why wouldn’t Satan and his servants promote a diluted gospel, a lop-sided message? Could Truth-seekers be deceived by anything that was obviously not the Truth? Not likely. So the evil realm concocts evil doctrines by taking a lot of Truth and twisting it, as well as sprinkling into the Truth cunningly camouflaged falsehoods. And why would the evil side do this? They do it because their master (Satan) hates the Truth, hates to see anyone know or walk in God’s purposes, and hates to see the Truth spread, proclaimed, advanced, furthered. Why? Because the Truth sets people free (John 8:32) and Satan desires to keep them captive –captive to anything besides Truth, for then he, instead of God, can dominate the deceived and use them for his purposes.

So what about the issue of God’s purpose for His people? Well, because He loves all people, He certainly wants everyone saved from Hell (John 3:16 // 2 Peter 3:9) and given a share in Christ’s eternal glory and happiness. (Matt. 25:21 // Rom. 8:17 // 2 Cor. 5:4,5) He wants us to know Him (John 17:3), to abide in His love through obedience (15:10), to be conformed to Christ-likeness (Rom. 8:29), and to worship Him “in spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24) But could we pick any one of these and say one is more important than the others? No. They are all important, and they all go together. Furthermore, are these the only things God wants from us? No. There are many other things He wants from us –many other things He expects of us and has purposed for us; and they are not merely purposes for eternity, but for now, here on earth. If they were not, He would just take us to Heaven as soon as we repented of our sins, for in Heaven we can praise God, love Him, know Him, and relate to Him without hindrance.

Therefore, because God doesn’t sweep us up to Heaven with Him upon our rebirth, we should understand that He has a big reason, a high calling, for leaving us here. Is it that we might grow into a closer relationship with Him, as some people are teaching? As important as that is, and as critical as it is to the reason He leaves us here, that could not be it, for we could (and certainly will) grow into a closer relationship with the Lord in Heaven. As 1 Cor. 13:12 and 1 John 3:1,2 inform us, only there will we know Him, the Truth, fully.

So again, could it be correct to teach that the Lord’s top purpose for us (while we live here on earth) is to know Him? Or is growing to know Him (here on earth) a means to an end? It is the latter, and this end, this purpose, is that we further the Truth throughout the earth. Yes, many wish that God would zap everyone with the knowledge of the Truth so that everyone could make their decision about whether to walk in the Truth or rebel, but that is not what God has ordained. He has ordained (chosen / decided / planned / purposed) that we be His hands, feet, and voice to preach the Good News (the Gospel of deliverance from sin and obedience to God) to all peoples everywhere. This is our primary task. This is our main purpose for remaining here on earth. Anyone who shuns this task, or downplays its importance, is aiding the devil’s purpose to squelch the spread of Truth.

Jesus said to his disciples, “As the Father has sent Me, I am sending you.” (John 20:21) This is a commission for all into whom He breathes His Holy Spirit. (v. 22) This same commission (17:18) is for all whom He sanctifies by the Word, the Truth. (v. 17) He anoints us with His Spirit so that we will go everywhere in His power (Acts 1:8) doing a particular thing. And what is that thing? It is to spread His Truth, with good deeds attached (same verse // Luke 9:1-6), so that we bear fruit that will last. (John 15:16)

To be continued…

with love,

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