Tolerating Abusive Husbands

November 12, 2012

It is common knowledge that there is a lot of abuse going on in the world. Besides physical abuse, there are other kinds, such as emotional, mental, and spiritual, and unfortunately it is going on in “Christian” families. And because of so much Scripture-twisting by those who crave power and control, “Christians” are maybe the worst at keeping the abuse going. For just as many used Bible verses to support slavery concerning a whole race of people, many use God’s Word to support other kinds of slavery –subjugation of women, and even the right to abuse them.

But does God’s Word truly support slavery, subjugation of women, and the right to abuse certain people? Of course not. Then why does the church tolerate abusive men, especially if it is a husband toward his wife? Is she his possession to cherish, protect, and sacrifice himself for, or is she his possession to abuse at will?

Does Scripture give husbands the right to force compliance, or does it command each husband to be knowledgable concerning his wife, the weaker vessel, and so treat her with consideration? Scripture commands the latter. It does so in 1 Peter 3:7. In fact, this verse also commands that a husband give his wife honor and respect. Yet how many husbands do we see living in obedience to this Scripture verse? Furthermore, how many husbands do we see giving up themselves –their will, time, strength, money, aspirations, hobbies, etc.– showing that they love their wives just as Christ showed His love for the church when He died to save her? For this attitude and conduct is commanded in Eph. 5:25.

Most of the church is teaching wrongly about the husband’s role in the home. The teaching is perpetuating unhealthy marriages and home life, as well as making women think that God requires them to submissively endure cruelty. It is unbelievable how loyal wives seem to be toward abusive husbands. It’s almost as if they’ve been brainwashed. But who has given them this mentality? Is it not those who are twisting certain portions of the Word of God?

I found an excellent website last week and emailed the link to a wife who has been wondering for years what she should do about her abusive situation. There are many articles there that give great wisdom, and here is one of them:

May the Lord enlighten us all to what is going on in so many homes, including “Christian” ones, and do, in careful wisdom and gentleness, what we can to help bring an end to abuse.

with love,

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