Pursuing God –Our Reasons (Part One)

November 10, 2012

It is a wonderful thing, even an exhilarating thing, to experience the presence of the Creator of the universe, the God Supreme, the Father of light, and realize He is talking to us, desiring to spend time with us, enveloping us with His love, instructing us in who He is, enlightening us about His ways and purposes, and giving us assignments to do –even by His power. It’s great. And it can certainly become an experience and position we crave. But, as excellent of a desire as it is to hunger for God’s presence, even this hunger can turn to become idolatry.

No, not that the object of our focus is an idol if that object is really God Himself. But if our focus is the feeling we get in being with Him, then we have turned our worship from Him to the rapture itself. And if someone continues to chase “God” for the purpose of getting this euphoria, then unbeknownst to them, they have opened themselves up to deceiving, counterfeit spirits –spirits that certainly know how to make it seem that one’s passion for God has led them to these feelings of love and joy and ecstasy. This is why in worshipping God, we must worship Him not only in spirit, but in Truth. (John 4:24) And we must walk in the Spirit and walk in the Truth. (Gal. 5:16 // 3 John 1:3) In order to do this, we must be reading God’s Word, be anointed by His Spirit, and be living in obedience to everything He is commanding of us. (Matt. 4:4 // 1 John 2:3,4,26,27) Otherwise we will lack the ability to discern and test the spirits. (1 John 4:1)

Now, what is God’s purpose for us? It is to be conformed to the image of Christ. (Rom. 8:29) This is so that we can have close intimacy with Him, for He cannot have this with anyone who deliberately holds onto anything vile, anything tainted with sin, anything corrupt, or anything defiling to pure holiness. But, as much as God wants a relationship with us, is it only us that He wants this with? Certainly not. He wants it with everyone. He wants everyone to believe in Him, to come to the foot of the cross, to repent of their sins, ask forgiveness, rejoice in the pardon, abide in His love, and walk in faithfulness and gratefulness to Him, in love and adoration of Him, and in love to one’s fellowman. And why does He want us to love our fellowman? Because He Himself so intensely loves people (John 3:16) that He wants them to have Abundant Life, now and into eternity. (10:10 // 2 Peter 3:9)

So, being that God loves us and loves everyone, and wants everyone to come into relationship with Him and be saved, then what is one of His purposes for those who have already come into Eternal Life? Is God merely wanting us to receive the delight He brings us as we love and worship and serve Him? No, He wants to use us to bring His love and Truth to others –so that they too can come into the circle of perfect love, experience the joy of worshipping Him who is worthy to be worshipped (not just for God’s pleasure, but for theirs as well), and so that they too, in turn, will go forth to help even more people come into this beautiful experience. But how does this assignment get accomplished? It gets accomplished through our obedience to God’s commands –the commands which involve going, proclaiming the Truth, and loving and serving others through our actions, words, and prayers.

However, if we are going to God only for the purpose of receiving food for ourselves, only for the purpose of relishing in the ecstasy His presence brings, but not also for the purpose of breaking the Bread and handing it to others, then our hearts are not totally pure, our hearts are harboring an attitude of selfishness, and we are not in complete alignment with God’s heart. God gives to us so that we may give to others. If He gives to us, whether that be material or spiritual blessings, and we do not take what He gives us and pass it on to others but instead hoard it for our own benefit and delight, then we are misusing His blessings, we are sinning, and God will rebuke us and/or withdraw Himself.

To be continued…

with love,

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