Sure, Let’s Conform To the God of the Calvinists! (Scary!!!)

November 7, 2012

Christ Jesus is God in bodily form. (Col. 1:15-20 & 2:9) So when we’re told that God is seeking to conform us to the character of Christ (Rom. 8:29 // Gal. 5:22,23), this means He is molding us to have His own character.

So, if we are to have the character of God, let’s think, from a Calvinist’s mindset, about what this must entail. Well, it does mean that we must go against past teaching we’ve received about being kind and compassionate to everyone. For actually, we are to harden our hearts toward anyone whom God is choosing to damn. See, God hates most people and He wants them to burn in Hell-fire forever. See, this is because their agony will bring Him more glory –more glory than if He would allow these individuals to turn to Him in repentance and be saved. (True, we don’t understand this mentality, but who are we to question God’s mysterious pleasure and will?)

Let’s see… Oh yea, to be pleasing to God we should pray that His will is done on earth and that horrible things will happen to people –even to people who love God– including rape, murder, incest, abortion, betrayal, and other cruelties and sufferings. For these also bring God more glory, of course.

Oh, that’s right –but since God has already preordained all events, then praying really affects nothing. Hmmm… What should we do then? Oh, yea, since we’re striving to be more like God, let’s be sure that we ourselves commit as many inhumane deeds as possible. For since God, from eternity past, predestined all events –all words, thoughts, and actions ever spoken, conceived, or committed, including the evil ones– then to be like Him, we’d certainly want to do all we could in this regard as well. And no, we shouldn’t worry about the evilness of our actions, for since God has preordained all actions from eternity past, it will actually be Him committing the evil actions through us. So, no need to feel guilty about anything.

What? Someone is having a problem with the justice of God? What? Someone is criticizing what I’m writing here? How is that possible? How could God, moving them as a puppet on a string, be moving me, as a puppet on a string, and then be arguing with Himself? Oh, that’s right, He likes to do that. In fact, that’s why He’s preordained so many wars. I forgot for a second.

Well, for those who are still having a major problem with what I’m writing here, I’d suggest they talk to the Calvinists. Those people, having their “Christian” theology all together, are really, really wise. Or so I’ve heard.

with love,

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