A Lazy Search For God = Lost

November 4, 2012

People will often say that although they’ve tried, they just cannot find God or hear from Him. However, this does not line up with what Scripture tells us is the case. For God’s Word informs us that if a person seeks the Lord, that person will find Him (Jer. 29:13,14 // Luke 11:9-13) –which means he will connect with God, hear His voice, and become friends with Him.

But, a half-hearted or lazy search is not adequate. Is it adequate concerning any other kind of search? No. So why should a person think he will find God if he does not seek Him with a fervent determination and devotion? We’re talking about the infinitely awesome and powerful Most High God. Is He going to reveal Himself and the secrets of His Kingdom to just anyone? He absolutely will not. (Matt. 13:10-16 // John 2:23-25) He is a King. He is God. He will woo a person, He will intervene in that person’s life, He will display His grandeur before that person… but He does not grovel at the doorstep of a person who is refusing to let Him in and acknowledge Him as Lord and Ruler.

People need to understand: The genuine Christian life is not for the weak, the cowardly, or the double-minded. It is for those who have made a decision. –A whole-hearted decision. –A forever decision. (Luke 9:62 & 14:25-35) Who would want to employ someone who said, “I’ll work for you, but on my terms, and at my convenience.” –? Who would want to marry someone who said, “I’ll be your spouse most of the time, but if I spot a more exciting person, I reserve the right to hang out with him (or her) for as long as I wish. But don’t worry. I’ll always come back to you eventually.” –? The answer is, only a fool would accept such ridiculous statements of behavior. God certainly does not accept it, and though most people who harbor such intentions wouldn’t admit to it (even to themselves), the Lord, who knows all hearts, can’t be fooled in the least.

So if someone wants God’s help, the power of His Spirit, His presence of comfort and peace, His guidance and wisdom, and His gift of eternal life, then that person must search for God. And where is He found? Yes, He can be found to some degree in creation, in the compassion of another person, in worship songs… but if we are told that He has now chosen to speak to us through His Son (Heb. 1:2), what does this mean? It means that, though He used to reveal Himself through prophets (v. 1), He is now revealing Himself through the Word of God. (John 1:1,14)

Isn’t it interesting then, that so many people are down-playing God’s Word? And that they are ignoring it? –Even those who claim to love God? Oh, they don’t think of themselves as ignoring it, but if something is given less than a few minutes a day (at most), then that’s called neglect. That’s called “a half-hearted interest” (at best). That is not a search for God, His ways, His instructions, His will, His presence, or His friendship.

James 4:8 tells us how to find God. It says to come near to Him. It says that then He will come near to us. But can we come near to Him if we are clinging to sin, refusing to relinquish it, renounce it, leave it? We cannot. We must wash our hands and purify our hearts. (same verse) We must do this as we submit our will to God’s will. We must do this as we grieve and mourn and wail over our sin. (v. 9,10) That’s true confession. We must do this as we pledge ourselves to a final and whole-hearted decision –one of submission to God and an abandonment of the evil realm. (v. 7-10) That’s true repentance (Acts 26:20) that saves. (Heb. 10:22,23 // 1 Peter 3:21)

Furthermore, can we come near to God if we refuse to meditate on His Word? We cannot. For if we do not seek Him there, we are deliberately refusing to seek Him in the very place He’s commanded us to look for Him. And that is called rebellion.

In view of this, there should be no wonder that masses of people remain ignorant and lost and condemned in their depravity. Let us not be named among them.

with love,

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