Keep His Temple Fully Consecrated

November 2, 2012

David, who was a king in Old Testament times, was also a prophet. (Acts 2:30) He wrote much of the psalms and wrote, sang, and often spoke by the Spirit’s inspiration. I’m sure we can trust then, that his charge in the hearing of God and the people (1 Chron. 28:8) to his son, Solomon, to build a temple for the Lord, were words given to him under the inspiration of the Lord. (See v. 12,19) So, when we read what he said in verses 9 and 10, we should believe that his words there also came from the Lord and are thus correct doctrine.

Here is what David, in essence, commanded of his son in these two verses:

1. Know the God of your father.

2. Serve and obey God with a devoted and submissive will.

3. Be warned that the Lord examines and understands all motives.

4. Seek the Lord, for then you will find Him.

5. Be careful not to abandon the Lord or “He will reject you permanently.”

6. Because the Lord has chosen you to build a temple for Him, then take this commission to heart, be strong, and do it (complete it)!

Each one of these points are points that are applicable to all of us who have asked God to come to dwell inside of us. For if we expect eternal life, then we must be born of the Spirit –which is when God forgives us of having rebelled against Him, washes us clean, and takes up residence within our spirit after seeing that we have genuinely believed the Gospel and repented of sin.

When God’s Spirit indwells a person, that person becomes God’s temple. (1 Cor. 3:16,17 & 6:19) Therefore, those commands I’ve listed above which David gave to Solomon are commands to all who are in charge of building God’s temple and all who are in charge of carrying out the duties of God’s temple. In this new day, it is each one of us who does this –who builds God’s temple (Eph. 2:19-22) and who are His priests who serve Him within that temple. (1 Peter 2:5,9 // Rev. 1:6) We are not only God’s temple corporately as the church, His bride, but each one of us are His individual temples as well.

Therefore, when we build and serve God as He resides within us, we must take to heart all that is commanded of us as the one who has authority over that property. We know that it is our will which is in charge of God’s temple, yet it is not actually our will, for we have chosen to subject our will to the Spirit’s will. Just as Solomon was to come under the will of the Lord concerning that temple, so must we concerning this temple. And just as those instructions were given to the Israelites, so are those instructions given to us. For we too must adhere to all six of those points above.

Here are verses from the New Testament to support each point’s necessity for us:

1. 2 Thes. 1:8,9

2. Rom. 8:9

3. 1 Cor. 4:5

4. Luke 11:9-13

5. 2 Tim. 2:12, Also compare Matt. 10:32,33 with Rev. 3:5!!!

6. Luke 9:59-62 & 14:28-30

Sadly, Solomon did not stay faithful to the Lord. He broke the covenant God made with him (1 Kings 11:11), for his heart, not fully devoted to the Lord (v. 4), turned away from the Lord. (v. 9) Lusts and idols became snares to his soul as he “did evil in the eyes of the LORD.” (v. 6) And all Israel followed this course, so that eventually, and though God had said He would dwell in Solomon’s temple forever (9:3), God instead abandoned His temple. (Ezek. 10:18) For He had also made it known that the promise had conditions. (1 Kings 9:4-9) As He had said, if the conditions were not upheld, “I… will reject this temple I have consecrated for My Name.” (v. 7)

God says the same to us: “We are His house, if we hold on…” (Heb. 3:6) And “We have come to share in Christ if we hold firmly till the end…” (v. 14) And we have eternal life if we do not, by deliberately sinning (v. 26), treat as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified us. (10:29) However, if we commit such contempt toward God, raging fire is our destiny. (v. 27)

Let us take care to our souls, then, and do what God has instructed of us concerning His temple. And let us ask, along with David, “Now, who is willing to consecrate himself today to the LORD?” (1 Chron. 29:5) If we cannot volunteer ourselves to be consecrated –and be kept clean and pure– then we are not a temple of the Lord. We are not in-dwelt by His Spirit, and we do not belong to Christ.

Solomon let sensuality and worldliness turn him from wisdom to foolishness. May we be much wiser than that.

with love,

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