The Lord Wants Thankfulness

November 1, 2012

November is a good month. Not only do the leaves glow with the colors of fire, but it is a season when some people do often try to think thankful thoughts. And when they do, they seem to treat each other a little kinder and may even, in so doing, come a few steps closer to God.

I have been convinced for a long while that the necessity of thankfulness is right up there next to faith. For thankfulness seems to grow faith. Isn’t it true that when we look around us and take note of all the wonderful things to be thankful for, it’s easy to see that God has certainly been exceedingly good to us, and in so many ways? And doesn’t this build our faith in what He will still do for us? Doesn’t it give us confidence to trust His plans for us, His workings in our life, and convince us that He wants our best?

Furthermore, don’t we notice that, even as we may have had to go through deep waters, He lavished us with all sorts of blessings amid it? Certainly, for those who paid attention, God’s presence, His comfort to us, His voice of assurance, the insights He gave us from His Word, the joy He filled us with by His Spirit… not to mention that He repeatedly revealed the beauty of His creation to us and turned common things into the spectacular before our eyes… lets us know that we have a God to be extremely grateful for.

This is why we can say along with the psalmist, “Return, my soul, to your place of rest, for the LORD has repaid you with goodness.” (Ps. 116:7) For when we felt death and anguish entangling us, confronting us with trouble and sorrow (v. 3), we called on the name of the LORD (v. 4) and He saved us. (v. 6) We had said in despair, “All men are liars,” (v. 11), but the Lord rescued our soul from death, our eyes from tears, and our feet from stumbling. (v. 8) Therefore we ask, “How can I repay the LORD for all His acts of kindness to me?” (v. 12)

Yes, how? What is it that the Lord wants from us after He has given us favor and answered our cries for help? He wants thanks. If anyone who helps another deserves to be thanked, how much more so does God! Moreover, He wants us to uphold our vows to Him, doing so in the presence of others as we present Him with thank offerings. (v. 17-19) And besides this, He wants us, while continuing to call on His name, to celebrate our deliverance! (v. 13)

Yes, we are to celebrate our liberation from the cords of sorrow that had pulled us down so that we could barely breathe. Yes, we are to celebrate our release from the captivity of the avalanche, the raging sea, the prison. God wants us to set aside a time to feast and be happy (Ezra 6:16 // Neh 8:10), to remember the wonders He has done for us, and while telling them to each other, to give Him exaltation, praise, and thanksgiving. (Ps. 105:1-5) He wants to see in us grateful hearts. He wants to hear us singing joyful songs to Him of thankfulness. He wants us all to express, practice, experience, and grow in thanksgiving. He wants this so that He can rejoice in giving us even more. –More blessings, more insights, more strength and joy and love… and more of Himself.

God wants this because He is compassionate, kind, and good. How thankful we are that He is!

with love,

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