The Power Of Forgiveness

October 28, 2012

A touching and sobering movie came out this year which was released last month on DVD. It’s called “October Baby” and my husband and I just watched it last night. I recommend that everyone see it, for it well portrays the power of forgiveness. Whether a person has greatly wronged others or been greatly wronged, whether he has needed to forgive or be forgiven, this movie certainly gives hope to those who may have never believed they could forgive, or that they could be forgiven –either by God or another. Yet what freedom forgiveness brings! Oh, that we all would experience it. Oh, that we all would receive it, as well as give it out.

Probably my favorite scene was the one where the birth mother received the note, “I forgive you.” She hesitated as if she would once again harden her heart toward dealing with the shame, guilt, anger, and callousness she’d carried for years, but then she didn’t. Instead, she read the three words again, and letting their power soak in, she broke.

Oh, that those so far away from the merciful God –He who is ready to forgive and pardon and wipe the slate clean– would break before Him and fall into His compassionate arms. We’ve all had need of this, and this is why we call Him our Father and Savior.

Here is the best link I could find that partially captures my favorite scene:

Here is a link that shows some featured statements in the movie:

I sure wish there were more movies like this we could watch. –Movies that motivate us to uphold life and goodness and righteousness. And to let forgiveness heal the captives –even us.

with love,

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