Utilize Our Privilege To Learn

October 27, 2012

The ability to learn is a wonderful privilege God has given us, and He expects us to utilize this ability so that we might become people who delight Him –delight Him by being useful in furthering His beautiful Kingdom and by growing in purity and love so that we can come in closer and closer to His heart and holy presence. God desires this for whosoever will; but it begins by our willingness and desire to learn, specifically to learn about Him and His teachings.

Prov. 21:11 informs us that if we are wise we will accept instruction and learn from it. But are we seeing this across our land? Certainly not too often. Instead, we see people making a pretense of being instructed in being righteous, honorable, wise, compassionate, discerning, sensitive toward others, self-controlled, etc., yet rarely do they seem to know how to apply, or even remember, the lessons. Not only this, but they seem to regard the instructions as non-applicable to their own lives, but only to be upheld by those they think should uphold them. Then by running around trying to yank specks out of others’ lives, they avoid dealing with the planks in their own. (Matt. 7:7:3-5)

If only people would take to heart the lessons of wisdom they are privileged to receive in a land where it’s available! Some day we may not have such privilege. Or some day the minds of the complacent may have become so cluttered with the world and with defilements, that their ability to learn what is right and good will be withheld from them. Some day, for those who continually “stray from the path of understanding” (Prov. 21:16), their land may become inhabited only by the dead. (Same verse) –Those who are dead spiritually, who have no understanding, and who have lost their ability to gain it. (Rom. 1:21,22 // John 8:43,47)

May each of us make every effort to turn this tide of ignorance, take advantage of the blessed ability to learn, seek out God’s instructions, take the wisdom to heart, put it to practice, and grow in the knowledge of God and His ways. Otherwise even the amount of understanding that may presently exist will be taken away. (Matt. 13:12)

with love,

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