Quit The Unnecessary –& Help Others!

October 23, 2012

We belong to God! Is this not an awe-inspiring Truth and privilege? To think that the infinitely mighty and all-knowing Creator wants us as His own, to be His sheep He cares for, to shepherd us with His goodness and love, to help us in time of need, to commune with us at an intimate level… should bring grateful worship to anyone who stops to think on such wonderment.

For God is our Heavenly Father –One who is always compassionate, just, and righteous… never cruel or selfish, indifferent or absent. He is always available to those who look to Him, who trust in Him, who call out to Him, who love Him, and who ask that He make us more like Christ.

If God is like this for us, and we are striving to be more like Him, we need to understand that we are called to be Him to others. What does this mean? It means that we are to be helpers to others, to be encouragers to others! Can we not look for ways to bring light and joy to a despairing world? Can we not truly and fervently ask God to show us ways and opportunities to do this? Can we not fill ourselves with His Word and Spirit so that, by seizing each moment, we will do and say what He would –to everyone?

When I spoke to my mom yesterday on the phone, she told me that, just out of the blue, my dad happened to say to her at breakfast, “You know, _____ is such an asset to the mission.” And he went on to say a few more things about how this particular person has been such a benefit to so many. Well, guess what? Later, when my mom was out at the store, who should be in line with her, but this very individual! So, did my mom relay to her what my dad had said? Yes! Why not? It certainly blessed the woman greatly. And it’s obvious that God, who knew my mom would later be in line with that woman, created the opportunity to give the woman a word of blessing through another human being.

Oh, that people would encourage each other more! Oh, that God’s saints would help carry one another’s burdens –through intercession, a kind word (even by note, email, or phone call). Oh, that we’d let each other know that we appreciate something the other is doing! Oh, that we would take time out to be thoughtful, help bear a financial, emotional, or physical strain, or give someone a simple compliment! What sin abounds through such neglect! One statement, one kind word, one small gift, one minute of true prayer… –these can carry a sorrowing soul miles! These can actually save a life! These kindnesses and prayers have the power to change an attitude, soften a heart, and bring someone to know Jesus!

As my mom and I were discussing this, she also told me that my dad had called her from work and told her another example of this. A woman had been exclaiming to him about how my mom had given her a compliment a few weeks ago at a party. That woman said she’d been feeling very low, not wanting to be at the party, and that my mom, upon seeing her, had said, “Wow, you look beautiful.” The woman said she’d not been feeling beautiful at all! But, she said, that compliment has been helping her ever since.

Must Christians be like the rest of the world –selfish and self-centered?! Can’t we love the way our Savior does?! Can’t we sacrifice a bit of energy, time, concern, tears…?!

What do we do when someone asks us to pray about something? Do we get down on our knees and petition God on their behalf? Do we weep and fast for them? Do we take an hour out of our day to battle in praise to God? Do we write or call them often to let them know we’ve kept our promise to pray for them, and then take the time and faith to pray for them over the phone as well? Are we walking in the Spirit so that we can pray by Him, and give out encouragements by Him and in His timing? Are we reminding others that God brings victory to those who look to Him for help and who continue to commit all things to His will? Are we soaking ourselves in God’s Word so that we really do have the faith and words necessary to come to the aid of another?

Friends, we need to be helping each other and helping to carry the burdens of those who are sorrowing, agonizing, frightened, helpless… We need to stop our busyness, quit the things that have no eternal value, and reach out for souls, for one another’s salvation, deliverance, blessing, and victory.

Each of us needs to ask ourselves daily, hourly, “Is my life a benefit to this earth? Is my life a benefit to God’s Kingdom? Is my life pleasing to God? Is my life upholding the two greatest commandments –love God and love others? Is my life really… honestly… truthfully… proving these things?” If we cannot answer in the affirmative concerning our daily life, then we are in rebellion to God. It is that simple. If we watched T.V., like the presidential debate –again– (as if we don’t already know we must do our best to vote on behalf of justice for the unborn), if we chatted on Facebook or at blogs, if we went shopping for things we don’t need, if we spent time gossiping on the phone…, but we didn’t rise to the kindness, the forgiving words, the good deeds, the intercession… which God told us to give out, then we are in rebellion toward God.

Yes, it is that simple. And that crucial. –For others’ eternities as well as our own.

with love,

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