At The County Fair

October 22, 2012

It was a blessing to get out to a county fair a couple of days ago, especially because I was able to spend some time with a good friend and her daughter. This friend is the one who had cancer a year and a half ago, lost all her hair with chemo treatments, and who was reduced to skeletal weight. Aside from the fact that it was difficult and frightening for family and friends, one can imagine how hard the ordeal was for her precious little girl. Being the chemo treatments were done 6 hours from home, the two of them had to live in an apartment near the hospital, and family and friends, including me, took turns staying with them in order to babysit.

Being this friend and I have known each other since 1994 when we met at a horse auction, I cannot express how grateful to God I am to have her back to health! What a good God we have! May He bring blessing upon blessing to my friend and her family, especially to her little girl who has had a very significant place in my heart.

Below are some photos of our fun afternoon.

with love,

The three of us.

Gorgeous horse! Knight pretending to “kiss the damsel’s hand” (I guess).

Me feeding the sweet, adorable, lovable camel.

Mother and daughter feeding the camel.

Sliding down the bounce-house slide.

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