It Is About Our Lifestyle

October 19, 2012

Ps. 119:33 (expanded) says, “Teach me, O LORD, the lifestyle prescribed by your statutes, that I will live it continually and so arrive at the reward.”

God’s statutes (laws, commands, rules, directives) are to be followed, kept, obeyed, lived out. If they are not, one’s lifestyle is not then pleasing to the Lord, and the person will not receive the reward, the prize, the award –which is God Himself.

When we are awarded God, this means we possess Him within our spirit, we possess His presence, we possess His thoughts, attitude, mind, and character. They are ours. True, we certainly do not know how to access them right away, but this is what the Spirit’s work in us is: To lead us into all Truth, to instruct us in appropriating the Truth, and to encourage us to grow in being conformed to Christ-likeness.

The Spirit, if we’ve been born anew, is with us at all times, for He dwells within us. This does not mean we’re always listening to Him, though, for His voice is quiet, and the world’s voice, which seems to scream, often drowns out our Counselor’s. Because of this, and because of the risk of drying up (John 15:6), we must take time out to be alone with Him –in a place that is quiet and with an attitude that is unhurried. Moreover, we must have the Word of God with us, for that is the main instrument by which the Spirit speaks. There we must eat the Word and be again nourished with fresh manna. Yesterday’s meal will not last. –It will not keep the spirit going strong, just as food for our bodies ingested yesterday will prove inadequate to keep us physically strong.

If a person moves away from the Lord, even slightly, either by being too busy, distracted, or preoccupied, or by carelessly stepping out of the Lord’s will, or by committing deliberate sin, this person will reap a taste of Hell. For Hell is the absence of God, and to step away from the Lord, is like pushing Him out of our mind, heart, and life, and we will thus experience a distancing from all that is of Him, of His Kingdom, and of Heaven. It is to start a quarrel between oneself and God, to erect a wall, to oppose Him and His plans, and to actually develop an enmity with Him. This is dangerous indeed!

What must happen, then, is repentance. We must turn back, ask to be forgiven, and pray again, “Lord, Your will alone be done, not mine.” If we’re sincere, God’s Heaven will envelop us once again, and we will walk in holiness, joy, strength, and peace. This is the lifestyle God wants for us. But it comes only by continually following His prescribed statutes. Only then will we walk in the Reward (Him), so that once we finally transition from this earth of contaminants and idols, we will find that we’ve inherited His heavenly home where we will abide in all the beauty, knowledge, and joy of His full and unhindered presence.

However, it does begin with learning to live the lifestyle He requires.

with love,

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