Forgiven & Treasured

October 18, 2012

For all who have repented, for all who have renounced their sins and turned in contrition and submission to the King, for all who are looking to Him for mercy, we have found rest in the immense forgiveness of the One who died in our place. What a tender Savior, compassionate Shepherd, and glorious, mighty God! Should anyone not weep in joy for having been ransomed back from captivity?

Please listen to this beautiful song about being forgiven:

Let this song be a comfort, a song of hope and freedom, and a song through which to lift our eyes to the cross, see ourselves, along with our sins and sin nature, nailed there for good (Rom. 6:2,6,7 & 8:1-4 // Gal. 2:20 & 6:14 // Heb. 9:14-28), and be reminded of our pledge to remain faithful to the awesome Creator who hung there, who defeated the evil realm (Col. 2:15), and who rose to prove the victory. (Rom. 6:4 & 8:11 // Eph. 2:6) For He hung there as the King He has always been, though in the eyes of the mocking world it appeared shameful. He did this to ransom each sinner, pious or vile, so that all who believe may live with Him forever in His glorious Kingdom of bliss.

What an unspeakably immense and great forgiveness we have been offered! May we all, therefore, hold the gift precious to our hearts and live lives that prove our submission and gratefulness.

with love,

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