Align Oneself With The Devil –Expect To Be Devoured

October 16, 2012

It is not a wise thing at all to turn away from the Lord even for a moment. For one tiny indulgence in fear, doubt, grumbling, depression, fretfulness, anger, laziness, negligence, or any other kind of “small” sin is an insult to God. This is because sin, no matter how small, is a lack of faith in Him and a lack of obedience to Him.

We know that God is always working for the good of the one who trusts in Him, who has an appropriate fear of Him, and who obeys Him consistently. Therefore, when we experience trials and we do not respond the way we are commanded to respond –that is, in joyful faith and perseverance– then we are behaving as disgruntled soldiers, students, athletes, employees, or children. It’s called “having a bad attitude”, and it’s a characteristic that is unacceptable everywhere, but especially when matters of great importance are at stake, like lives and eternal souls!

When a person shifts his gaze from the Lord to something else, even if it’s not something sinful, then he has just opened himself up to be shot at –shot at by the enemy with some kind of fiery dart. These darts are almost always camouflaged as something nice, right, or exciting. So the person allows his gaze to rest a little longer on the thing, rather than on God and His Word, will, purposes, and concerns. And what happens then? The person takes a step –toward the alluring thing and thus away from God. Now it’s both his focus and his position that the man has moved from God.

For the man who is sensitive to grieving the Spirit, this move will soon, if not immediately, be sensed and repented of. But how many “Christians” these days are being taught that insulting God is an exceedingly serious sin? Instead, the teaching is usually, “Oh well, it’s unfortunate, but not a big deal. After you’ve had your fun, then just tell God you’re sorry.”

But, grieving and insulting God has severe consequences. For one thing, being that it’s sin, the person has moved out from under God’s covering of blessing, and if there’s no genuine repentance, the person has actually aligned himself with the devil. (1 John 3:8) He’s put himself in the camp of the devil. This is outright foolish, for now evil and invisible enemies are everywhere whose only concern is to cause havoc to the fool and through the fool. More than this, the unrepentant man has created for himself another enemy –One infinitely more powerful than those who want him damned. It is God he has put himself at enmity with. (James 4:4)

However, even so, God who is rich in mercy and desires that no one perish (2 Peter 3:9), waits patiently and intervenes repeatedly, calling to the man through His Word, His messengers, His judgements, and through circumstantial evidence. If the man is wise, he will listen and repent; but if he remains a fool, he will harden his heart all the more, doing so to keep from being affected by the warnings; and he will actually throw himself into more depravity.

Many people seem to think that after a time of living in a depraved condition there in the enemy’s camp, escape can come for the sinner whenever he so chooses to seek it. This, though, is not the case, for the sinner’s heart not only hardens, but his mind becomes increasingly fogged-up to spiritual things. (Eph. 4:17-19) His will to make right choices has no strength, nor does he have a clue (if he even tried to) about how to begin to find his way out. If he does try (aside from whole-hearted repentance at which time God will reach down and save), the devil, who also hates treason, will likely rip him apart. (1 Peter 5:8) –Unless, of course, Satan’s plan is to let the guy think he’s escaping, when he’s actually going through an exit of deception, and this, so that he can help deceive even more souls.

May we all, therefore, take warning and do what God’s Word says in order to stay clear of the devil. This we do by standing firm in our faith (1 Peter 5:9), which means we remain consistently submitted to God (James 4:7) and void of all sin. (v. 8 ) –Including the horrible and selfish sin of glancing away from God. (Luke 17:32,33)

with love,

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