His Voice Still Calling To The City

October 14, 2012

The Lord has been calling to the city (Micah 6:9) –again and again– but they have not taken it to heart. He has been threatening to strike them brutally, to ruin them, to destroy them. (v. 13) Why? It is because of their sins. (same verse) It is because of the lies they’ve told, the deceit they’ve schemed, and the violence of her rich men. (v. 12) It is because of her business done in dishonesty –her use of rigged scales, false measurements, and treasures acquired through sinful means. (v. 10,11)

Those who trample the needy (Amos 8:4) with calloused hearts are eager to cheat the helpless as they sell less for more (v. 5) and buy off the poor for next to nothing. (v. 6) Plotting iniquity and evil on their beds (Micah 2:1) and coveting fields and houses, they seize whatever they want (v. 2), defrauding people of their homes and using oppression to deprive a fellowman of his land. (same verse & v. 9)

Therefore, because God has watched righteousness being cast to the ground (Amos 5:7) and justice being turned into poison (6:12), He now decrees for them disaster instead of prosperity. (9:4) Their proud houses He Himself will smash (6:11) and their wives will be given over to prostitution. (7:17) The temple singing will turn to wailing (8:3), corpses will litter the land (same verse), and all those who sin and who have not believed the warning will perish. (9:10)

“Oh, don’t preach with such impassioned rhetoric,” the false teachers say. “Disgrace is not coming.” (See Micah 2:6) Truly, the counselors needed for the city are those who will prophesy for them plenty of wine and beer and ease! (See v. 11)

However, because the oppressors have stolen from those passing by peacefully –even their own friends (Micah 2:8,9)– the Lord says, “I am planning disaster for you; a time of catastrophe. And you will no longer walk proudly.” (v. 3)

“Listen! The voice of the LORD is calling to the city!” (Micah 6:9) Therefore, “be wise, fear His name, and heed the rod of the One who appointed it!” (See same verse)

with love,

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