A Separated People

October 9, 2012

We must understand that if we claim to belong to Christ and so are inheritors of eternal life, then we are a separated people. This doesn’t mean we don’t associate with unbelievers at all, but it does mean that we do not partake of their sins in any way. We can do honest business with them, and we should even befriend them, as long as we are shining Christ as we do so, but to be partners with them is a net that can entangle us in things displeasing to God.

Unbelievers are under the curse of God. The whole world is. The only people who have been redeemed from the curse are those who abide in Christ through obedience to His Rulership. However, if these saved ones go back into alignment with those who remain under the curse, then they become defiled themselves. Is a defiled person holy? Is a defiled person in right standing with God? Is a defiled person pleasing to God? No, no, and no. Such a person must repent, ask Christ to cleanse him, and reject forever all that caused the defilement.

If there is no repentance and the once-sanctified, again-defiled person trusts in his past position, saying, “I will be safe, even though I persist in going my own way” (Dt. 29:19), God will say, “Safe? –Safe to do all these detestable things?” (See Jer. 7:10) And because the sinner does not listen to God’s warnings to quit allowing defilement into His temple (v. 13), God will reject that temple, even though it bears His Name (v. 14), and He will thrust it from His presence. (v. 15) He will erase that man’s name from the Book of Life (Dt. 29:20 // Rev. 3:5) and assign him a place with the hypocrites in the fires of Hell for eternity. (Matt. 24:51 & 25:41,46 // Heb. 10:26,27)

It is no light thing, then, in God’s eyes to become defiled. God’s Word tells us that one way this happens is by “touching unholy things” (Isa. 52:11 // 2 Cor. 6:17) –meaning by participating in, viewing, listening to, thinking about, or desiring that which is impure and sinful. In fact, we are not to have in our possession anything that is under God’s curse (Dt. 13:17) or we, along with it, will be set apart for destruction. (7:26) The defiled thing can be another person (1 Cor. 6:15-20), a group of people (Dt. 13:12-18), the world (James 4:4), or any cause of sin. (Matt. 18:7-9) However, by whatever means, if we allow defilement into God’s sacred temple in which His Spirit lives –which we are (1 Cor. 3:16,17)– God will destroy us. (same verses) That does mean, in Hell.

Consequently, is there any reason to still wonder why it is that we who belong to Christ should take seriously God’s command that we be a separated people?

with love,

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