Victory Begins With Courage

October 6, 2012

God commands us throughout His Word to “Fear not!” Why? Because He is looking for servants, ambassadors, children, friends, who trust in Him whole-heartedly. And because fear is the antagonist to faith, to trust, to obedience, to service.

This is no command to take lightly. It is not an option. We cannot make excuses for having fear or anxiety or worry. The command is to not fear, and so if we do, we are acting in disobedience.

“Ah, overcoming apprehension and fear, especially panic, is tough, often impossible,” someone may say. “Particularly when a great distress has fallen on me, or when a ferocious lion or raging flood is striding toward me.” Yes, it is tough. Yes, it is impossible. To stay calm. To remain at our post. To continue through a day, trusting God and singing, loving others and caring for their needs, shining Christ and cheerfulness in dark places. But, if we have rooted ourselves in Him through obedience, and believe in Him to deliver us, all things are possible. (Ps. 50:14-23 // Matt. 9:27-30 // Mark 9:23)

However, the question is, “Do we truly trust God?” And, “Is our faith in His Word, in His promises, in His Spirit’s voice, genuine? Are we doing what He has counseled us to do –that is to rely on Him alone?”

Oh, I’m not asking without soberness of heart. I’m not putting forth trite queries. When the enemy is looming above us, breathing out violence and threats, spitting in our faces, about to put us up on a pole for mockery… it can be terrifying. But, if we remember who is in us, who surrounds us, who it is who has said that He is our Shield, our Comforter, our Sustainer, our Warrior, then if we’ve ingested His Word, if we’ve practiced what we ate, if we’ve obediently gone into the battle even when we felt weak, if we’ve weathered other storms by clinging to His hand… then we can assure ourselves that, like before, all will be well, that He will bring us through to safety, that our scars He will turn for glory, and even should it be our time to die, He Himself will put the medal of honor about our neck.

These are not trifling sentiments. These are promises from God’s Word. And trusting in them begins with rising in courage to His command of, “Fear not.”

with love,

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