Wait Actively For God’s Intervention

October 5, 2012

God answers prayer! He does so in His time and in His way. Many of us have seen the blessing of this and been exceedingly grateful for it, having learned that our plans would have ruined the good thing God had in store. Having had no idea how to get ourselves out of a sticky mess or a hopeless situation, we waited for God’s intervention, and now we can say, “I am so glad I looked to the Lord for help and trusted in Him with patient endurance. For look what He has done.”

Could anyone else have brought about the deliverance, the peace and rest, the abundance, the reward, the answer? No. But we waited on God and He wrought miracles. We patiently trusted and He orchestrated events for our good, for our holiness, and for the furtherance of His Kingdom.

I’ve been praising God along with a friend for God’s intervention in her situation. There seemed no way out, and now– suddenly– the way is clear! How good our God is! And His surprising answer has come with strength! Almost like a landslide. Yes, there are more battles to be fought up the path, along with pauses, waiting, listening…, but for this particular request, the Red Sea has parted.

Did God open up the deliverance as we sat around waiting in passivity? No. We were actively waiting on Him. This means we were looking to God, to His Word, and calling out for His help. We were praising and exalting and serving God in those ways He was commanding, and we were encouraging each other to be faithful. We were petitioning God, maybe even fasting and weeping, for the problem seemed stuck. No insight of our own could help –it was one of those “unfigureoutable” things.

But, like a breeze, like a bull-dozer, like a miracle, like an ordinary thing –all wrapped up together– God has taken over. The enemy is put to flight and the righteous stand to their feet and advance. –Advance in nothing but the will of the Lord and in Him on whom we’ve cast our lives.

Truly, there is no one like our God who comes to the aid of the powerless who cry to Him for help!

with love,

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