Which Spirit Is At Work?

September 25, 2012

Everyone should examine themselves by asking themselves hard questions. It may be painful to look honestly at oneself, but it sure beats the pain of having an eternity apart from God and all that is good and restful and happy –a fate due to our refusal to get honest and proactive about our spiritual condition.

One beneficial question should be one derived from Eph. 2:2: Which spirit do I have at work within me?

It really is a question able to be simply answered. For verses 1-3 make it clear that those who follow (walk in / live by / abide in / obey / serve) the ways of the world and the sinful nature are actually following the ruler of that kingdom which is in rebellion against God and thus under His wrath.

How is it made obvious, then, which spirit is at work within a person, be it the Spirit of Christ or be it the antichrist spirit of the rebel kingdom? It is obvious by the fruit of one’s deeds –whether the deeds show obedience to God (His Word and ways) or disobedience to Him. For these verses and their context reveal that disobedience (sin) is a dead thing of the past for those who have been made alive (who have stepped into Eternal Life) through God’s love and grace.

Sin is the domain we used to live in when we were spiritually dead and not yet reconciled to Christ through His blood and through our faith in Him. At that time we too contained “the spirit who is now at work in those who are disobedient.” (v. 2) But now that we belong to Christ, we no longer are of that rebel kingdom, but of Christ’s Holy Kingdom (v. 6 // Col. 1:13,14 // 1 Peter 1:14-16 & 2:9) and we have a new master and authority –that of righteousness. (Rom. 6:16-18) This new mastery is found by completely renouncing the rule of the spirit of the evil realm and instead submitting fully to the rule of the Holy Spirit of God. (8:9)

Which spirit we have submitted ourselves to is made evident by our deeds –our good deeds or our evil deeds. One kind leads us to Heaven, the other to Hell. (John 5:29)

with love,

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