Keep Praying, For God Answers

September 23, 2012

Though God may sometimes answer our prayers immediately, most of the time our prayers must be consistent and persistent over time.  This shows the Lord that we have faith in Him, and faith is what He wants to see in us.  Just as no one who is planning something for another wants that person to doubt his kindness, ability, or wisdom, neither does God.  But, for various reasons, including to see if one’s heart is genuinely trusting, God waits.  And often He waits much longer than the petitioner would ever expect.

This is okay.  In fact, it is good and best, for God’s timing is perfect.  Yet how many times do we conduct ourselves according to this truth?  Instead, we may cry and wail, get angry, allow in thoughts against God’s goodness, or just give up.  This should never be!  Especially if we know that the answer is in line with God’s will and purposes, and if we’ve been praying and believing by the Spirit Himself.

God’s Word tells us that He grants the requests of those who fear Him, love Him, serve Him, worship Him, petition Him, and delight themselves in Him.  Then why doubt?  The answer, not having yet arrived, does not mean it’s not on its way, for it is!  God always brings the answer for His Spirit-filled children, for if their requests are amiss, He lets them know, and they readjust their prayers to that which pleases Him to answer.

The Lord is such a gracious and giving God.  Therefore, He wants us to ask Him for things, and He wants to give us things if they are good for us.  –If they will aid in our walk of maturity and holiness, cause an increase in our spiritual strength, gifts, and knowledge of God, or even that we might be filled with more joy.  God wants His people happy –but only as we rest in His goodness and love and Truth, not in the arms of the world or in other unholy pleasures.

Can anyone deny that the Lord wants to see grateful people?  Of course He does!  And He knows that getting one’s prayers answered makes for grateful people who feel loved and cared for by their God.  Yes, the Lord gives us lessons of discipline and training –some grueling– but He also gives us blessings abundant at the same time; and those who have learned to be grateful can perceive them, be filled with joy even in the pain, and can travel through life in courage, peace, and enjoyment.

Let us obey the Lord when He tells us to keep praying and not give up.  For in due season, if we remain persistent, believing, and trusting, God will definitely bring about, for His faithful child, the answer to her prayer.

with love,

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