Blamelessness Versus Uncircumcised

September 20, 2012

Everyone who claims to abide in Christ is to live before the Lord blamelessly. This is God’s covenant command to us just as it has been to all His people from the time He gave it to Abraham. (Gen. 17:1) And just as circumcision in the flesh was the sign of the covenant then (v. 11), so now the sign of the covenant –visible and clear before God’s eyes– is a circumcision of the heart. (Rom. 2:29) It is done by the Spirit when God sees us accept His invitation by our genuine choice to turn from sin and call out to Him for forgiveness, cleansing, and redemption.

Because circumcision is a cutting away of that which can easily harbor disease, this is the sign God chose so as to impress upon us the fact that we must be clean and undefiled if we are to have fellowship with Him… if we are to belong to Him… if He is to be our God and Savior, our Friend, Father, and King. Therefore, no one should remain ignorant to God’s covenant requirement that we must keep a blameless heart.

From a blameless heart will come a blameless life. Ps. 101:2,3 reveal we are to be careful to lead a life of blamelessness, doing so by having a pure heart which refuses to look upon anything vile. More than that, we are to pledge to ourselves and God utmost purity (Job 31:1 // Ps. 119:44), refusing to stain our thoughts or consciences with that which is detestable to God. (Prov. 15:26 // Matt. 5:28 // 1 Peter 3:21) For not only are all our words and actions being weighed by the Lord (Ec. 12:14 // Jer. 17:10 // Matt. 12:36,37 // John 5:29), but so are all our thoughts –each and every thought. (Rom. 2:16 // Heb. 4:12,13) Certainly, foolish then, are those who do not take seriously Christ’s command in Matt. 5:48 when He says, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” How perfect? –As perfect as God!

This is God’s requirement for all who expect that they are in covenant with Him: To walk blameless and perfect before the Lord. Yes, we are in training, we are in progress, we are growing and maturing in God’s school of instruction and enlightenment, and yes, there is always more to learn and a higher level to attain to, but… at the level we’re at and with the revelation we’ve so far been given, we are to be blameless in God’s evaluation. This does not mean merely an imputed righteousness as so many insist. No, for we rest secure in that only as we ourselves, by His power available to us, put one foot in front of the other along the path of obedience. As we do this, refusing to engage in any deliberate, willful, intentional, planned, purposeful, conscious, etc. sin, then, and only then, are we blameless before God.

If we are not blameless in God’s eyes, what does this mean? It means He sees defilement in us; and He will not abide in an unholy dwelling. God will warn the sinner, but if there is no genuine and lasting repentance, God does not obligate Himself to hold to a broken (or nonexistent) covenant –no matter what the man claims is the case. For if a man, even if he claims to love and follow Christ, continues in intentional sin (in words, actions, or thoughts) then he proves he has not been circumcised in heart (or if he once was, he has gone back to the vomit –2 Peter 2:22) and God will give no share of eternal life to one so vile.

Vile? Strong words, someone may say. But not so to God. For to Him, even one act of deliberate sin is rebellion, and the rebel’s heart is like uncircumcised flesh that has begun to accumulate filth and disease. This is why when a person remains in a conscious continuation in sin, he has willfully made himself a stench in God’s nostrils (Lev. 26:30 // Isa. 65:5), and God can only loathe him until he cries out for cleansing. If the man won’t cry out for cleansing, and won’t, by turning his back on his sin for good, allow the Spirit to circumcise off his heart his foul wickedness, God can only throw such a rotten, diseased soul into Hell.

This is why it is the sinful man himself who sends himself to Hell. God has said it over and over: He will not dwell with defilement, and He will not allow defilement to dwell with Him. He has made every provision for man to be able to come into fellowship with Him and remain there. If man refuses the terms of the covenant, it is not God’s fault. Nor is God to blame when the man finds himself barred from Heaven… when he finds himself thrown out with all that is repulsive and uncircumcised.

with love,

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