Alone-time With Him Is Precious

September 16, 2012

Better than worshipping in the assembly, where distractions and dignity may prevent our whole-hearted expressions of adoration to the Lord, is worshipping in the secret closet, alone with only Him.  For God, our precious God, is the affectionate Love of our pure and cleansed heart, and we cannot help but extol Him in love.  What a privilege to be one in spirit with His Spirit, unified in peaceful communion, speaking and listening to the Mighty King who is also the Lover of our soul.  Can we not help but break out in songs of exaltation, in words of thanksgiving and praise?

We are told to sing to the Lord new songs.  This is best done while alone, in the quiet room, away from the performers who sing rehearsed songs, even songs sung thousands of times.  This is fine, but not best.  The best is to sing by the Spirit, to open up our mouths and let Him fill us with words of beauty to the Lord.

How do the songs come?  We go to a quiet place, preferably a place the Lord has already chosen at which to meet with us daily.  It is a holy place, a temple, a room or hill, where there is nothing defiled, and where we can get on our knees, the Word of God open before our face, and ask to again have our feet washed by Jesus.  Then, there, we petition Him to reveal to us any sin we may be harboring, and if there is something there, we immediately repent.  We cast the sin down, and by His power available in us, we turn our heart from it forever.  We determine with finality, we pledge to God our refusal to consider committing the sin ever again, and we thank the Lord that He will help us replace the idolatry with praises to His name.

Then, cleansed anew, we meditate on God’s Holy Word, and we ask Him to give us, through His Spirit, expression of love and thanksgiving and praise to Him.  He will answer.  And there will be sweet communion.  For as we bless the Lord, He blesses us also –with words of comfort, with instructions and insight, and with nourishments of strength and faith, of hope and joy.

It is most glorious to spend alone-time worshipping and fellowshipping with none other than the King of kings, our Heavenly Father, our Loving Shepherd, Comforter, Counselor, and Joy!

with love,

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