Choose To Obey His Exact Commands

September 11, 2012

God gives everyone the freedom to make choices but not the ability to choose what consequences come about as a result of our choices. He does, however, inform us that if we choose to obey Him, we will have peace and blessing, as well as provision and protection within His presence, but that if we choose to disobey Him, we will have grief and eventual destruction. For anyone who believes God, for those who are wise and take God’s words to heart, obeying God should be the obvious choice. And since the way we know what He is instructing us is through the Scriptures and through the voice of His Spirit, then we’d do well to get to know these so that we can immediately respond to Him.

Just one time, out of many, in which history has proved the benefit of being sensitive to the Lord’s voice, was on 9/11/01. To realize that just one choice changed the destinies of many… that one thought heeded or ignored altered the futures of the decision-makers and their families, their communities, countless others, maybe even a nation… makes a person shudder to think of the narrow escape from death versus the sorrow surrounding those who went on their merry way that day, oblivious to the danger of doing so.

But how many can now praise God that they chose to take a different route or airline, chose to take that day off work, chose to meet a friend first for coffee and a bagel, chose to immediately run…? It was likely not a loud command from God, but instead a nudge, an impression, a thought that things should be done this way rather than that.

For the one who loves God and is seeking His will daily, even continually, there are undoubtably numerous catastrophes we miss, forever unaware of most of them. For unless it is God’s specific will that we encounter a hardship, a test, a discipline, or even death, then those who are relying on His guidance will be kept from harm and disaster.

As God’s Word promises, those who trust in God, those who make Him their dwelling and refuge, will, when they pass through fire and water, be kept shielded in His care and in His everlasting powerful arms of love. This is the comfort and rest given to those who have chosen to seek God fervently, who have tuned their ears to hear His every nudge of guidance, and who obey down to the exact detail.

with love,

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