“You Are Mine”

September 6, 2012

“You are Mine.”  What words.  Just three short words… of comfort, of security, of protection, of provision, of bliss, of privilege, of joy.  Especially because they are words from the Mighty Creator of the universe, spoken to each individual person whom He calls His own, His own sheep, His own child, His own love.  “Because you are precious and honored in My sight, and because I love you…”  Precious?  Called “precious” by the Majestic King?  Considered precious to the heart of the most marvelous Most High God?  And “honored” in His sight?  Wow……  –Why…?  Because He loves us.  Hmmm…  But why does He?  Because He is Love.  And because He calls us His own.

God loves the whole world of people.  But He loves His own with an intimate cherishing love, a love of deep affection, a love that is purer, higher, deeper than the deepest sea, and more vast than the expanse of the heavens… –from one galaxy to another.  How can He love us this much?  Because He is God, and because He is Love.  And because, for each one who has sought Him, who has come to know Him as not only her God and Savior and King, but as her Heavenly Father, Shepherd, Friend, and Adored Love, the Lord envelops us and saturates us with the Love that He is.  His love is always there, but we who have come into that Love, remained there, walked there, grown there, learned there, obeyed there… who have meditated there, loved there, been increasingly conformed to Him there… have been absorbing His love, layer upon layer upon layer… and so we have more of His love increasingly.

Hmmmm…  Indeed, what peace… what happiness… and blessedness… to experience the great love that the Heavenly Father has lavished upon His own.  From one day to the next to the next, it never stops flowing into us, around us, through and out of us –to Him and others– and filling up within us, like a spring of living joy.  For to know such Love… to feel so cherished, honored, and cared for, certainly brings joy!

And when we read of all those other great and comforting promises in God’s Word…?  Well, all it takes to be confident in walking into them for ourselves, is to hear His soft voice again echo within our spirit those three beautiful words:  “You are Mine.”

We need nothing else.  For with that assurance, we already have it all.

with love,
(See Isa. 43:1,4 // John 3:16 & 15:9,10 // 1 John 3:1 & 4:16)

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