Sin = Despising God = Hell

September 4, 2012

Most people do not admit that they despise God.  Some do admit it, but most seem to believe that they revere God, or even love Him.  Yet these same people continue to rebel against God’s holy laws, and will usually even admit that they love certain sins and plan to continue to indulge in them.  Such people should realize that they have thereby made themselves dishonorable citizens of God’s creation and have revealed that they do not in fact love or revere God, but instead despise Him.  This is how Prov. 14:2 states it.

However, though God is long-suffering concerning such devious and corrupt people, does God tolerate forever such disdain toward Him and His rightful rulership?  He doesn’t.  And because He is Love (1 John 4:16) and desires that none perish eternally (2 Peter 3:9), He sends judgement upon the wicked in hopes that they will repent.  If they do not, He sends calamity, and if they still do not repent, He eventually puts them to death so that they’ll stop spreading their contaminants; or else He leaves them to waste away in their spiritual misery until they die and go to Hell.

If someone is under the judgement of God, or if they end up in Hell, they have no one but themselves to blame.  God’s intricate, gorgeous, and fine-tuned universe displays all anyone needs to know that there is a Designer and Controller of it all, (Ps. 19:1-4 // Rom. 1:19,20) and there is therefore no excuse to not seek this Being (Rom. 1:20) and what He requires, and call out to Him for help and mercy, by which He will answer and reveal more of Himself and His Truth.  (Jer. 29:13,14 // Acts 17:26,27)

But, if someone is too arrogant to see their need for God, or too arrogant to think that they must submit to His righteous laws He’s decreed, then God Himself will take hold of such a person and fill their cup with scorn, derision, drunkenness, sorrow, ruin, and desolation.  (Ezek. 23:32,33)  For God is a God of justice and He must punish evildoers.

Therefore, may the wicked turn and repent before such a devastation becomes their situation eternally.  And may God’s people behave as if they really do have the love of God in them as they say they do, and get on their knees and intercede so that God will, but with great mercy, do what it takes to save those souls from an eternity of damnation!

with love,

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