The Wonderful God!

September 3, 2012

What a wonderful God is the Most High God!  He is full of compassion and love, and His mercies are new every morning.  He is faithful and kind, watching over His people who look to Him and follow Him.  Though He is perfectly holy, spotless, and free of even a speck of injustice or evil, He calls out to weak and sinful men, inviting them to be washed so that He might have close communion with them.  And though He is the Creator and Sustainer of the unfathomably intricate universe, and of even the most minute things that are in it, and though He is incalculably powerful and infinitely full of wisdom and knowledge, God seeks a love relationship with mankind.  What an amazing thing!

How can anyone spurn such beautiful love, such gracious forgiveness, such exceedingly excellent fellowship?  This God invites us to come under His care and into His promises –refuge in times of trouble, guidance for our every step, and revelations of Truth.  More than that, He forgives us when we fall, when we rebel, when we behave arrogantly and independently, when we forget that we have pledged ourselves to His total Lordship.  For God is slow to anger, and patient.  He forgives so many sins we don’t even realize we have, and He endures the wait, knowing that it takes us time to learn, to be instructed, to be shown and trained and disciplined, and to grow.

For those who are truly seeking this God, for those who genuinely repent in deep contrition when they see the error of their ways and attitudes, the Lord extends pardon, comfort, and strength to go on.  This God is an Encourager!  He is the Coach who speaks to us, not about our short-comings and failures, but about our ability, through Him, to do every single thing He is commanding us to do.  If we do fail, He tells us that we do not need to fail next time.  If we cry, He cradles us in His arms and then lifts us up, breathing into us more of Himself, as He sees us willing and obedient to face the task again.

What a marvelous God!  What an indescribable Lord!  What a privilege to be loved, cared about, and helped by the Creator who also calls Himself our Father and Friend!  This eternal King who sees all, knows all, and can do anything He wants… the One who founded the world by His wisdom and power and word… delights to exercise His kindness, justice, and righteousness throughout the earth, even for the benefit of each little sheep who lovingly trusts in Him and who follows its Shepherd obediently.

What a wonderful God is the Most High God!

with love,

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