Our Victory Is Guaranteed

September 2, 2012

To the one who fears the Lord, who trusts in Him, who follows Him and obeys Him, who loves Him and looks to Him for help, God tells us not to be afraid or discouraged, for He Himself takes up our battles.  (Ex. 14:13,14 // 2 Chron. 20:15)  He Himself is our Mighty Warrior.  (Ex. 15:3)  What a huge privilege!  So if we continue listening and obeying and hiding underneath His wings of refuge, we will always come out victorious –even more than conquerors.  (Rom. 8:37)

That is the way we overcome all enemies, of which we have many –including the devil and his evil hosts, wicked people, negative emotions, sin, sickness, and death.  Even if the Lord allows an enemy to attack us, He shields us through it as He encourages us to hold up, keep our Sword in our hand, and grow more mature and Christ-like as we learn the skills necessary for facing even bigger foes.  Should it appear that an enemy crushes us, we still need not be dismayed, for with God, even from ruin and death a hundred more blessings can sprout forth.

Therefore, we continue advancing across every battlefield, praising God with whole-hearted calm trust.  And our patience does not wane, for we’ve accepted that He knows what He’s planning, allowing, orchestrating –amid and in spite of the evil choices of wicked people.  Should we not then rest in the protective armor of this God –our God who has always had perfect foreknowledge of all things from eternity past and thus knows just how to guide and deliver His children?

This is why we call to the Lord continually, though not in fear, but in faith.  This is why we listen carefully to His every word of instruction.  This is why we search His Word as the Spirit guides us to what He wants to reveal.  This is why we have full assurance that with God we will come through victorious.  (Ps. 60:12)

with love,

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