Their Strength Is Their God

September 1, 2012

Besides money, self, other people, the world, sin, pleasure, sensuality, possessions, and other objects being gods to people, one’s own strength is very often also a god.  (Hab. 1:11)  So many people take pride in this god which they’ve erected within themselves.  For in their abilities and achievements, their cleverness at subduing others or deceiving them, and their power to control people and situations, they take great delight.  So much so, that they love to proclaim it to anyone who will listen.  And the more they see their god bringing them success, the more they serve it and adore it.

However, the dangerous reality about erecting other gods for ourselves is that all gods except the LORD are false gods.  Only the LORD is the true King of the universe; therefore anyone who serves a false god has committed treason –and treason demands punishment.  The LORD is not just any Captain, though, and He waits with mercy for the traitor to repent.  However, if a person continues to bow to his false god, the Almighty will eventually destroy the god within the person’s heart and life, and if the person still does not repent, but continues to search after and worship other false gods, refusing to turn and worship the Most High, then God will have no choice but to crush the person as well.  For God will not allow continued rebellion and unwashed hearts to remain in His Presence or Kingdom.

So, although many people would never consider bowing to idols carved out of wood, stone, bronze, or gold, they think nothing about worshipping the god of their own power, ability, cleverness, and strength.  They think little of the enormity of their sin in God’s eyes as they boast, if not to others, then within their own heart, of how mighty they are.  Yet they do not take into account how vile pride is to the LORD (Prov. 16:5), and that God promises that all who are proud will not go unpunished (same verse) but will have their arrogance toppled (Isa. 2:17), their lofty and stately towers flattened (v. 11-17), their idols demolished and destroyed (v. 18), and they themselves cut low.  (v. 9)

In view of this danger, what should we do when we see that a god within ourselves is standing, or even growing?  We should uproot it as forcefully as Jesus commanded that we pluck out our best eye if it be leading us to Hell.  (Matt. 5:29)  For if we leave any god present within ourselves –these gods which usurp the Almighty’s rightful rule in our hearts– we will have no one to blame but ourselves for having been the cause our own disaster and doom.

We are not our own masters.  We are able to walk and breathe and exist only by the mercy of the LORD Most High.  Next to the power of His strength we are fleas, a temporary mist, a piece of grass, a speck of dirt.  Why then should anyone think that they can, year after year, continue to exalt their own wicked god –even that silly false god of their own strength.

with love,

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