Flee The Deceptive Sweet-talker!

August 31, 2012

It is absolutely alarming to watch, time and again, “Christian” friends making choices that are in direct disobedience to God’s Word.  I’m talking about friends that go to church and Bible studies, and who even have at least some kind of minimal ministry themselves in spreading the Gospel.  What is going on?!

I can only conclude that these people are not truly meditating on God’s Word in order to please Him, but for some other reason so as to bring themselves prestige or benefit.  Or maybe, like many, they are just reading a paragraph or so on the run.  Or maybe they are just not taking what they read and hear to heart, and are therefore not putting the Word to practice.  Whatever the problem, they are sinning –sinning by disregarding God’s Word as that which is to be fully, and at all times, obeyed.

Most of the world recognizes that Americans have a major problem with lust and greed.  They want and want, and they are never satisfied –whether in the area of sex, money, power, fame, or possessions.  For example, no matter how much fame a person has, they see that someone in the world has more than them, so they can’t be happy with what they do have.  If someone has a beautiful wife, there are so many other beauties out there, that the man wishes he could get away with having a bunch at his beckon call.  Of course I’m speaking in generalities, but unfortunately it’s more common than anyone wishes to admit.  I doubt anyone can deny that almost everyone around them seems to harbor some kind of insatiable thirst for more, and that they themselves secretly (or not so secretly) do as well.

I especially shake my head in sad amazement at the gullibility of women.  There are so many singles out there, and instead of waiting on the Lord to bring them the right spouse of His choosing, and having the faith to accept that God knows everything about everyone, their needs, their compatibility, and the partnerships that will best bring salt and light to a decaying world, they run ahead of the Lord’s plan, searching and trying and bringing themselves and others pain and disaster.  What this is, is a rejection of trust in the God who is perfectly capable of bringing good things to anyone who asks, trusts, and waits.  I am not saying that a person can’t investigate “leads”; I’m saying that the attitude must be, “Only by God’s voice on this, will I go forward with it.”  However, in spite of red flags, many, due to loneliness or desperation, go forward unwisely.

What’s happening with women, is that they (most Christian-claimers, at least) are desiring a genuine, healthy, and God-pleasing relationship with a man who also loves God and wants the same.  However, though the men are pretending they want this, it’s not what they want.  Honestly, who of us knows one single unmarried man, especially if he is over 30 years old, who is sold out for the Lord and has proved his purity over years?  Ha, –few!  Most of us know not one.  Let’s remember that faithfulness means proving to be faithful over time.

Women need to get wise.  Dear, the man likely does not think you are the best thing around as he’s saying.  Instead, he has other women in mind as well, should you not cater to his lusts.  If he has spoken to you about sexual things, what pray-tell do you think he wants you for?!  But he wants you not even so much as to get his “sexual needs” met, but to receive some relief from his intense desire to conquer.  Almost all men (except those fully submitted to the Lord) have a driving lust to conquer, and when they see they’ve been unable or inadequate to conquer something (or someone) they’ve wanted, they are most assuredly on the prowl for someone else to subdue –in order to prove their power and charm.  The harder the goal, and should they get it, the more powerful they’ve proved themselves to be in their own mind –and to their friends.  This, besides the fact that these guys want women who won’t deceive them, is the reason they like to go after “Christian” women.  Besides, they know they’ll have the support of the Scripture-twisting church, while they, archaic as it sounds, consider women to be inferior, even their possessions.

Furthermore, if these men are able to entice “Christian” women to lower their standards, they have actually considered themselves, though they likely don’t admit it even to themselves, that they have prevailed over God!  But God has seen, and His wrath will soon strike such men with a heavy blow.  Get away.  You don’t want to be anywhere near them when this happens!

Yes, I know the suave man is giving you that sweet-talk you so crave to hear.  Yes, I know he’s giving you gifts and taking you places and treating you like a queen when you are at church or out on the town with him.  Don’t be fooled.  Watch what happens if he soon sees that he cannot conquer you.  –He will either drop you flat, or he will resort to cruel games with a seething fury that can really hurt you.  Have you even bothered to ask his mother and sister and daughters about how he has treated them over the years –and asked his secretary and his ex-wife too?  Many men pretend they were the victims in the marriage, through the divorce… but if the truth is exposed, the facts prove differently.  And as soon as he’s seen that he’s fully conquered you, and has used you and become bored with you, he will leave you for another.  (No, sorry men, I’m not a man-hater, nor a feminist.  I’m speaking from what I’ve watched over and over and over.)

So, women, when that man –that “Christian” man– admits that he cannot help but have sex with the women he dates, –run!  And don’t look back.  Such a man is warped and self-condemned.  Such a man who lacks self-control now will lack self-control later –and in more areas than one.  Such a man is not the Christ-follower he claims to be.  Such a man is not the godly man you desire to be a helper to.  Such a man will not make you happy, but will eventually –if not sooner than you’d guess– leave your heart broken and full of anguish.

Get away from such deceivers, women, and seek wisdom in God’s Word.  Take His warnings and commands to heart.  Otherwise you should consider yourself no better than a prostitute –a woman who gives sexual favors outside of marriage in order to receive whatever it is she herself is desiring.

with love,

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